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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dirty Woman

While our dynamic has remained mostly unchanged, there has been for a few months now, a shift mentally in mouse. It probably started in November, just before Thanksgiving, when mouse met some friends for Sunday brunch. There wasn't anything odd about how mouse was dressed -- yes, she was wearing a butt plug, but that's really nothing new. What did feel different, aside from feeling quite pretty, sucking Daddy's cock, and receiving a quite satisfying spanking, mouse couldn't shake the feeling everyone knew.

This wasn't a terrible feeling, slightly humiliating and yes, somewhat arousing, but not what mouse would describe as distressing. It was more unsettling. It was as though the words 'Dirty Slut' were stamped on her forehead. Now, it probably doesn't help that Daddy's been requiring a more vocal mouse at times when we play. "Tell Daddy you want to be slapped." That sort of thing.

A few weeks ago, while at the big supermarket, mouse truly couldn't shake the feeling that everyone around her knew what a degenerate kinky slut she is. The kind of girl who will gladly drink piss and suck cock after it's been in her ass. The kind of naughty girl that doesn't wear panties. The kind of girl who really wants to be fucked against the wall (or on the apple bin). After all she's just a dirty, slutty girl.

A while ago, mouse was talking to Daddy about this. He upped the ante, by saying things that made her skin crawl, and made the area down there just ache. He added fuel to the smoldering fire by saying all sorts of things. Which all came to a head the next day when she called him at lunch. He spoke very dirty to her and even told her to play with herself. Unable to resist, mouse in an underground parking lot (which he was well aware where she was) hiked up her skirt snd stroked herself there in the car, coming very close to orgasming when he stopped her.

After several breathless minutes, off the phone and driving home, mouse felt debauched and even somewhat humiliated. The housekeeper was there, mouse stayed to cleaning the areas that are her responsibility, our bedroom, his study because we can't have our housekeeper stumbling across our dirty secret, can we? Or maybe she knows that mouse enjoys being smacked with a cane on her bare bottom? Even now, writing this, mouse wants to clarify the housekeeper likely hasn't a clue

The thoughts played in mouse's head until later that evening after the house was quiet. Daddy pulled mouse close to him and whispered instructions while she touched herself. It was incredibly erotic. Especially when he suggested that she just tap her clit with a finger. All the while he kept edging mouse, with this sexy combination of pain and deep pleasure until he had on all fours, and she felt she was going to scream when he whispered into her ear that she likes being fucked like an animal.

When he traveled recently, he would send mouse messages that made her blush and want to erase after reading. Our phone conversations were highly erotic also, where mouse confessed all sorts of things (guided by Daddy).

There's a definite love/hate thing going on within mouse with part of her loving this, the talking dirty and feeling like a slut, and the humiliation that everyone that sees her somehow must know she's just a wanton slut who wears a butt plug at the behest of her Master.


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Anonymous said...

A2M... Do you have routines to make it cleanly, or is the risk or dirtiness part of the appeal? (I know he gives you enemas sometimes....)