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Friday, February 5, 2016

Moon River

Despite it downright being freezing outside mouse caught a glimpse from her kitchen window at the moonlight dancing on the river way below. Of course in her head she could hear Audtrey Hepburn and imagining her on the fire escape in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

That morning Daddy had left for a meeting and wouldn't be expected until the next day. Still, before he left he used the cane on her bottom and it was smarting awful. It made mouse not want to sit at all, so she spent the day gladly cleaning. Anything was better than sitting. Sleep that evening was difficult, but that was expected.

At night mouse had a terrible time falling asleep.

In the morning mouse did all the things that she knew Daddy would require (shaving all the body-parts) and getting the house in order for dinner. We had extended family for dinner that evening, so mouse wanted everything extra special. By the time he walked through the door, quite honestly mouse was completely ready for a nap. The roast came out great and we had a few hours of laughter and fun.

At bedtime, Daddy looked over his slave's body, then used it. Saturday was similar, he was very stealthily objectifying mouse a good deal. It made her feel warm and useful. It's odd how she feels that way at times. His seemingly indifference toward her, makes her feel useful. Weird.

Sunday morning we lingered in bed too long, with mouse pleasuring Daddy with her mouth. Then we had to play "catch up" breakfast getting things settled. Daddy had some work to do, and mouse wanted to get dinner finished (yes it was still morning or very early afternoon). Threw a chicken into the oven with a pan of vegetables.

Then we dressed for a open house party. Good friends bought a new house and we guess decided to throw an open house party to show it off. It was really lovely. Very nicely decorated (they don't have kids), everything looked crisp and fresh. The family room was exceptionally nice, bright and sunny (despite being dreary outside) with a wall of windows. Their kitchen is simply to die for,(complete with lovely butler's pantry) pity neither of them cook

It made our home look and feel just meh.

Our floors, while fairly clean (mouse says fairly because they're impossible to keep really clean), they're scratched from kids and animals and mared from being walked on. Our house looks used. Their house looked all new...

Sure our house is older construction, and we haven't lived here long -- it just felt dated. Like the wallpaper we didn't bother to remove when we moved into the house. It's looking very tacky. The walls are looking tired too. The sunroom isn't looking sunny, it's become overrun with toys.

Yeah mouse has a case of house envy.


  1. Yeah, house envy is a really easy disease to catch and very difficult to shake off. However, I would rather have a lived in house than a show house.
    hugs DF

  2. We live in a Hovel.
    I have house envy so,so often.
    Its so nice to read your words, mouse.

  3. Hi Mouse,beautiful pic and it sounds as though you have managed a bit of connection time. The family dinner sounded lovely :)

    Oh ouch on the cane, not my favourite! Not a bad way to ensure the house work gets done I suppose lol.

    I agree with DF, house envy is easy to succumb to, but much better a lived in and comfortable house than a show home you are too scared to move in for fear of creating mess or marking or making anything dirty.


  4. They live in a house. You live in a home.

  5. I often have house envy when Im flipping thru Dwell magazine. But then I remember what those houses don't have that we do, kids and animals running around, full of love and character that makes it a home.
    A home has to feel lived in not a museum or a magazine cover. I'd never survive the stress of keeping it that organized and put together and clean. Ugh.
    Hugs mouse.

  6. Greetings from the monkey hovel! My daughter-in law calls my pinterest account my vision board. It really is. I pour my unrequited house love into that. I understand the house envy.

    For myself the best cure has been a mischievous child's smile, then thinking about what that mischievous child does to the wallpaper and floors. Your tired home is full of warmth. As beautiful as those show homes are, they are cold cold cold, regardless of the color palette.
    (what a waste about that kitchen)

  7. Ours is over run with toys as well, one day I'll have my formal dining room back but for now I smile when I walk past it in all it's colorful plastic joy. Ha!
    With our oldest in college now we know just how fast these times shall pass.
    I am saving all my house envy for when the littlest ones go off on their own.
    There is something about cleaning though when you've had a sore bottom! I find myself extra motivated on days like that :)


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