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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Swallow Your Pride

There's so much more that mouse realizes about herself as she's been moving forward with Master. The times where she was arrogant, or stubborn assuming that she could just do something or another when she probably should have just asked. Last Monday we dressed up and went to Master's brother's home for the first Seder. Naturally mouse offered to help with the final preparations of the meal, which amounted to helping get the various dishes into serving dishes and to the table. It was a nice, albeit, long evening and mouse felt a little tipsy by the end of the meal.

After returning home, Master decided to play with mouse a little, binding her arms behind her and slapping visible body parts for his pleasure.  After a nice long fuck, he undid the binds and walked mouse through the slave positions he wondered if she remembered from last year. How she should stand, sit, and present herself to Master for use. He asked how her meditations were going and wondered if mouse was still feeling that comfortable place. He also spoke of his expectations and how mouse has made efforts to be more mindful.

The rest of the week continued on as it should. Not too much time for play, although Master did take little opportunities to make his slave suffer. Thursday evening after punishing mouse for the demerits he said that overall he's pleased with how much more compliant his slave has been lately. He asked about the mindfulness and decided that we're onto something that his slave functions better when she feels chained to him. Mentally she's at a place where the 'rattle of chains' plays in her mind, sometimes sounds a bit like bells ringing but other times it sounds heavier with a deep clang. Daily now, she mentally thanks Master for everything and feels so very fortunate to belong to him.  

The weekend was another busy one with family activities and trying to avoid the 900 pound easter bunny in the room -- which is a holiday mouse has never liked to celebrate. Sunday we stayed home, with Master taking advantage to do some needed projects around the home, and put mouse to work in his study going through some of the books stored there. There used to more than a few shelves that went for children's books, but now that they're older Master felt it might be nice to get those books out and rearrange the shelves a little. Some shelves were quite filled so it was rather easy to move things around.  Some books were weeded out completely and put into a donation box for charity.

There are two or three books Master wants mouse to carefully look at and decide once and for all if she wants to keep them or if they can be donated (all having to do with home organization). No harm or foul if she decides to donate them, yet there was a pang of failure, which Master dismissed.

Meditation was elusive to mouse, almost always so, but has become easier, then a few days ago with mouse in the right mindset, it happened. For twenty minutes, mouse was completely unaware of the passage of time.  There wasn't any sound, fleeting thoughts, just being in those moments. For hours later mouse marveled about how she did it and honestly couldn't wait to try it again. It was like finally unlocking a door but only entering briefly and then later having this desire to return.  The next day when she had some quiet moments she tried again and was again successful -- we can say that she's on to something here.

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Roz said...

Wow Mouse, this all sounds wonderful. Seems everything is as it should be :)