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Monday, October 23, 2017

Feel the Night

Sometimes it happens quickly, the seasons change but they seem slow to get the memo from mother nature, then one morning you venture outdoors and are surprised that seemingly overnight everything has changed. The final gasp before the long winter sleep. It's also that time of the year that while everything is about pumpkin, scarecrows and witches. In fact to prove the point, for a pot luck mouse baked a pumpkin pie even. 

It's also the time of year that moue finds it easiest to cook, lots of soups, stews full of fresh vegetables. It's also the time of year where the heater is on, the sweaters come out of storage, and especially at night, the fireplace has a warm glow. This is also the time of year when snuggling next to Master is the very best it can get. Lately, mouse cannot get enough of Master. Not that he minds it at all. At night mouse has taken to sleeping with her mouth close to his cock, and when she wakes instinctively she will seek it out and suck it. Sometimes he wakes, but other times he actually remains sleeping as though he's having a wonderful dream and this increases mouse's own need to pleasure him into having wonderful sexy dreams.  


Roz said...

Ah Mouse, you paint such a lovely picture, I especially love the cuddling. While we are entering spring here, wishing you a happy Fall season :)


Bleue D'âme said...

Its a good time of year, for sure. Enjoy the season mouse.