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Monday, November 26, 2018


There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves

It should have been an incredibly stressful time. We had no real plan, the holiday had literally snuck up on us all. The house was no way ready for dinner guests let alone the kind that stay overnight and mouse found herself in a frenzy. We hadn't even ordered a turkey from the butcher! The whole thing just slipped by us both. 

Yet, still somehow there was a calm. Maybe it was just pure optimism that everything would work out. Lists were made, shopping done, cooking handled in a proper order, and everything just fell together. What should have been a panic-fueled period was tranquility. The slave, with the only goal to please Master, succeeded. It felt remarkable. 

Wednesday morning mouse found herself lost in worship of Master's cock, which brought this unleashing of emotion. Even though it was more than a few days ago now, mouse still struggles to find the words to describe it. The night before had been almost uneventful, with mouse nearly dragging herself up the stairs, nearly falling asleep on the floor in position at the foot of the bed, waiting for Master. Ass up, legs parted wide, arms outstretched in the pleading position Master enjoys. His finger touching her damp sex sent an audible shiver through her body, even as exhausted from the marathon cleaning, it was like a dream. In fact, mouse is fairly certain that it was like not being thoroughly awake, as His fingers expertly manipulated her clit, while a hand moved the plug inside her anus. After what felt like forever, the orgasm slowly built to a crescendo that rippled throughout her body causing her fingers to grab carpet and toes to curl, as her body relentlessly bucked against His hand.  

"Slut." He muttered under His breath, after she had properly sucked her juices off His fingers and kissed His feet thanking Him profusely. Orgasms aren't frequent for mouse, if one happens it's of no major consequence or even accidental. Master will often use His slave the way He wants and it's rarely for the slave's pleasure -- she is only the object. On rare occasions when mouse is extra pleasing He might give her permission to finish herself off. Sure, there are times when He will toy with mouse, giving her five minutes to orgasm or making her rub herself on the gearshift of His car. Sometimes He will torment mouse with a vibrator just out of reach of her clit, with the pain of clamps or weights applied to her nipple rings. Still other times He will playfully say that she can cum, but reminding her that if she does, she will be punished for it -- this is after ramping her up to the point where it's nearly impossible to not orgasm. It's a choice and she will every time choose the punishment for that toe-curling ecstasy, even if days on she wonders if she was crazy to do that. 

As a natural consequence, for mouse, orgasms are few. Some just never emerge or just vanish. Months can go by with mouse not even giving them a thought, happily existing for His pleasure. This, as you can imagine was different, it was a gift He was bestowing on mouse. A powerful gift that left her feeling foggy and starry-eyed for days after. The following morning, Wednesday, mouse became very lost in cock-worship, her hands tucked (as they're supposed to be) behind her back, locked together, mouse's mouth licked and sucked her Master's cock, balls and ass, and rather shockingly she orgasmed again while pleasuring Him.  An act He found rather extraordinary but made little to do about it. He was in His own headspace as He led His slave into the shower and had her kneel to accept His piss. Oddly, mouse didn't feel degraded but instead loved it even opening her mouth and swallowing it. The enema went quickly, with another small orgasm from mouse again. At this point she was in tears of huge gratitude and Master was simply amused.

It was intoxicating as the waves of whatever hit her -- even now she can't adequately describe this feeling but it left her feeling weak-kneed and truly submissively unflappable. No demand was too great, no request could be refused -- for example if Master had required that slave strip during the Thanksgiving meal and blow Him, she would have done so without any thought or embarrassment. A more "normal" moment happened later on Wednesday when Master suggested that we take a walk and did have His slave swallow His seed, sure we were alone, but there was probably a squirrel or two that could testify to mouse's debauchery.

Then Master left to pick up family at the airport and return with dinner. So mouse again set to work cleaning the carpets and making sure the dining table was set. A text followed from Master saying He was stopping at the market (a dangerous proposition to be sure, because His family members wanted to bring something. A nice thought, so mouse again rummaged through the cabinets and searched the fridge -- coming up with only a couple extras that weren't that important.

Just as the second pumpkin pie was sliding into the oven Master returned, with the obligatory hugs and kisses hello, having a child help with baggage, and trying to find space for the mountain of groceries the guests purchased (including a lovely bouquet of flowers that mouse needed to find a vase for). Yet, when mouse saw Master her eyes settled on His crotch and mused about our romp on the walking trail a few hours earlier. You'd think she was too busy to have a moment for dirty little thoughts like that and here she was arranging the charcuterie plate as if nothing was amiss. Still her sex was quivering and as she filled wine glasses her thoughts scattered.

Pizza, wine and the store-bought treat was the whole meal and instantly mouse was grateful for the thoughtfulness of our guests because the only thing we'd had planned for dessert was ice cream (which went really well with the cookies). The adults settled into conversations while kids played with their rarely seen cousins, while mouse kneeling on the floor or refilling glasses of wine. Kitchen cleanup was a snap.

Later after watching a movie that wasn't Frozen (thankfully that's finally died out) everyone went to bed to prepare for the next morning. Even then, mouse went through her normal routine of undressing, folding her clothing, brushing her teeth, washing her face...Then presenting herself on the floor in front of the bed for Master. Secretly hoping for a repeat of the previous night. Instead Master climbed into bed and then called His slave to join Him. Not what mouse had planned but close enough.

We woke extra early Thanksgiving Morning, after a short cock worship that led to a very quick fuck from behind, Master ran the shower while mouse did the enema. It used to be embarrassing to do this in front of Him. He had mouse dress in her little black dress for the occasion and no panties. Just in case an opportunity presented itself. Of course none did.

The day was a flourish of activity. Kids watched the parade, breakfast for our guests included some grab and go flair (hard boiled eggs, cheeses nice crusty rye bread). Just something to hold everyone over until the appetizers. The house was already smelling like turkey when the guests began arriving. Phil and Marcie were fashionably late.

In the kitchen the women clucked about their men and children while mouse kept quiet and arranged a cheese platter to bring out. The meal was good, everyone raved about the turkey and sides. There were feelings of pride that did swell up in mouse, but not for herself or her meal, but for Master because it was because of Him that it turned out so well. After dinner and before dessert, when the conversation turned to politics mouse excused herself from the talk and went to the kitchen, there she slipped out of her shoes (her feet were killing her) and began tidying up -- loading the dishwasher and putting together left over packages for our guests to bring home with them.

Phil saw mouse and couldn't help but to make a comment about women barefoot in the kitchen which mouse just smiled and shrugged off. Not even his weirdness would drown her mood. The pie recipe mouse found online turned out really well too, a nice rich pumpkin flavor with the right amount of spice, a small tough of spice to whipped cream helped too and without too much effort mouse piped it onto the pies.

As people filed out again mouse felt pride for Master. Soon, with the exception of our overnight guests, the house was abnormally quiet, everyone was exhausted -- including mouse. The kitchen was cleaned the dishwasher humming, and everything under control until morning. No black Friday shopping for mouse this year and she finds she doesn't really miss that. Lucy and Schroeder were out of town for the holiday but we kept up via text.

In the evening Master made use of His slave the way He wanted.  Despite feeling foggy and happy because of the orgasm it was far more nice being of such use to Him. Feeling the warmth of service and knowing everything was for Him centered His slave more than anything else. 


Roz said...

Hi Mouse,

This really made me smile:) I'm so glad the holiday worked out so well with little stress. Sounds as though everyone had a wonderful time.

Wow, what an amazing lead up to the holiday too. Several rare orgasms! A wonderful gift for sure:)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mouse,

I am not surprised at the way you pulled off a marvelous holiday because I think you sound simply amazing. And I'm glad you were also able to "enjoy" yourself!

Wishing you and your family and peaceful and orgasmic holiday season :)

DelFonte said...

This is lovely to read. You seem blissful. Very mindful of each minute of your life.