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Monday, January 7, 2019

When You're Weary

Le Penseur by Rodin
What if the famous sculpture by Rodin commonly known as The Thinker (Le Penseur) was actually just tired and needed a rest? He looks tired, or maybe that's just a projection because that's how we both feel. There's been a shift (that happens from time to time) where we're getting up super early in the morning for a while (might be a very long time) and we're in bed now around between 9-10pm and up around 4ish in the morning. It's messed with all of us.

Meanwhile, since we're both too tired for much else, Master decided it was time to revamp our Netflix queue (online streaming and movies to rent). Looking up a few "family friendly" movies...but one movie mouse will NEVER rent or watch is called "A Dog's Purpose". Now, the reason for this isn't because of the weird controversy involving a fake video -- really didn't know anything about that, but did read the Wikipedia page about it. Yeah, after reading the synopsis mouse was crying. Any movie or TV show that causes that reaction isn't going to be any better watching it. That being said, the story does sound lovely and might be right for someone else who isn't so emotional when it comes to stories about Dogs.  

One TV show that did make the list is The Handmaid's Tale, which Master heard about (as has mouse) and it piqued His curiosity. Since we don't have the service that streams it, we're renting the DVDs from Netflix. In the meantime Master is enjoying the Ken Burns documentary about Jazz. He explained He doesn't feel focused enough to work and just needs an hour or so to unwind before bedtime and with mouse at His feet...

Early mornings have become the time for Master to use His property with His slave beginning to wake Him with some cock-worship. Most mornings lately, He's decided to take His slave from behind. With the new plug in place it really reminds her that she's for Him. After enema and shower, the corset cinched properly and the plug back where it belongs Master leaves the house (taking His coffee and breakfast to go). 

During that time, mouse sets to work on her chores until everyone else is up. That's been interesting because now, most of her daily chores are completed before the kids are up. The dog actually had a hard time adjusting to the change, as he was used to be let out later in the evening. The first couple nights he didn't understand this was it for the whole night, and just sniffed around and checked the parameter -- then came that long wait until morning (he couldn't wait to get outside). Getting up well before dawn has been strange. 

Finally apologies for such a dull post (and it's the first post of 2019 too)


Anonymous said...

Mouse, first; HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Second,,,, can you share why such changes with us? I would love to know what’s going on!! (I’m a nosey girl,lol)
Regardless, glad you’re back to regular posts.... I so enjoy your blog & have for years. I feel as if I’ve grown up with you. I’m in my early 30s and discovered you in my mid 20s. You’ve be a constant for me. Thanks for that! Hugs to you! -Genna

Roz said...

Hi Mouse, I would find it hard getting up at that time, it's the middle of the night! LoL. I started a new job six months ago which has meant getting up earlier than my previous job and that's been hard.

I haven't seen any of those shows and hadn't heard of "A dog's purpose".


monkey girl said...

been catching up on my Netflix queue as well.
haven’t heard about that movie you mentioned, but sad dog stories are a big no-no for me.
curious about handmaiden’s tale as well, looking forward to hearing feedback!!

Happy New Year mouse to you and your family!

monkey girl

mostly mouse said...

Genna -- Thanks for the lovely remarks. The change is because Master has been working more across the pond -- so to speak and the time difference was getting in the way with virtual meetings and such, so the change was needed. Going to make an effort to post a little more often.

Roz -- Yes, it's been quite a huge change for us both -- But Master a lot more than mouse.

Monkey Girl!! Wow, haven't heard from you in forever. Happy New Year. We still haven't watched the Handmaid's Tale, but rather suddenly mouse remembers that she read the book or maybe saw a movie based on it? The plot sounds quite familiar.