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Monday, May 13, 2019

If You Wake Up with the Sunrise

And all your dreams are still as new
And happiness is what you need so bad
Girl, the answer lies with you

Illness passed, but the cough lingered longer, then we got slammed with non-holiday holidays (St. Patrick's Day) and Master had to attend a conference so that left His slave feeling very adrift without His daily guidance. It's just not the same when He's away, yet somehow we muddle through it. Sure tasks are completed, meals prepared, clothing laundered, shopping accomplished but it feels rote, as though one is on autopilot until His return. Thankfully, the trip was short, and He returned exhausted from the travel. Three flights, He sardonically quipped that driving might have been faster.

While Master was away, the house went through its traditional spring/Passover cleaning rituals and He returned to a spotless home, even though we weren't hosting. It really just felt good to just give the whole home a good once over. Soon we had resettled into a comfortable routine, albeit a busy one, with mouse often waiting to be useful. During those times, she would occupy herself with lists or tidying, but nothing that hold her attention away from His needs. One evening He did call her to pleasure Him orally as He worked at His desk. Quickly mouse became lost in her mind as she attentively worshipped His cock.

During the day, either while Master travels or is just away at work, routine rules each day for mouse. The family home is cleaned, laundry is done (which is endless) and shopping, meals prepped each afternoon for the evening meal. Snacks prepared for after school to be brought along to activities or for at home. The plug each morning is inserted by Master after the enema. When He travels, while mouse is allowed to enema on her own, the plug is not inserted by her, unless He prefers it, which so far while Master has contemplated the idea -- He has yet to allow that.

After several days of going plug (and corset) free, the feeling when it is back feels so right to mouse and this calmness comes over her like a warm wave. The corset, tightly bound reminds her that she's owned and not free to just move about as she might like. While there is a profoundly different mindset that has slowly evolved over the course of our relationship, always problem free, it is not. Errors are sometimes made, corrections are still necessary and mouse strives to be more careful with her words or actions. Normally her quick mouth is most likely to bring her trouble, occasionally her inattention does as well. As Master will put it, distracted by shiny things, or lost in a thought, steps are missed. The idea of multitasking that everyone says is go great, is for the birds Master says. You cannot properly do 5 things at once, or even two, effectively; something always suffers.

It's already May and while there's plenty of year left, time seems to moving quickly. Don't blink you might miss it. Mother's Day happened and we accepted an invite to celebrate with some of Master's family, which turned out to be one of those expensive hotel brunches.

Back at home, mouse finally was allowed to kick off her shoes and get into the kitchen to prep dinner that evening for the family. A very light meal of chicken breasts with a pesto sauce and salad full of fresh veggies and fresh baked bread (the bread was slightly disappointing this time). The day ended just the way mouse wanted! 


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, I enjoyed reading your update. Sounds as though as is well and as it should be :)

Wishing you a belated Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day brunch.


Anonymous said...

You really should post more often. W/we miss your voice. You have changed, and seem far more content with your place in your Man’s world


Genna said...

I totally agree with above comment!!! Bess is saying what we are all thinking!!!!

Hugs from a day 1 reader!