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Saturday, September 2, 2017

I'll Stand Before the God of Song

We had been traveling a lot this summer and seen a lot of amazing things. We ended up at the lake for the eclipse, where it wouldn't be as dramatic as it was elsewhere but still a respectable percent. Coming home, which we absolutely had to do, we didn't consider one thing, traffic. The traffic was just awful as many people were trying to get to where they too needed to be. Our favorite animal friendly motel had a no vacancy sign. Then the AC in the SUV decided to just stop working and it was hot. Master made the decision to pull into a shady rest stop where we could stretch our legs. The kids were miserable, and everyone was just cranky. He napped on a bench for a time, just relaxing for the monster drive he knew was in the future. We again hit the road, by Master's calculations, we might be home by four am, but he was unsure about the traffic. Several accidents slowed us down. The sun was beating down on us and everyone was just pissed. Kids were whining the dog was panting, Master was grouchy and so was mouse. Just as the sun began to thankfully go down mouse turned on the radio, searching at this point for anything.

Leonard Cohen was a writer, songwriter, poet and somewhat of a singer. Honestly, mouse wasn't a huge fan of his music but when a radio station actually came in, mouse wasn't going to fussy about the music played. At worse, it might be background noise.  At first, mouse didn't recognize the song played on that oppressively hot night, then the first words were heard..."Well, i heard there was a secret chord. That David played and it pleased the lord, but you don't really care for music, do you?"

For the next seven minutes or so, the car fell quiet, maybe it was the raspy voice or the tone, or lack of singer quality that kept us hanging on the every word sang? Whatever the reason when the song finished Master turned the volume down. With each passing mile we silently reminded ourselves that it was a mile closer to home. We stopped a few times at a fast food place or rest stop that looked patrolled. At 11pm the temperatures finally dipped below 80 and we felt like rejoicing.

The kids finally fell asleep and mouse struggled to stay awake for Master. If he was going to suffer through this drive from hell, she might as well suffer along with him. Like a sign of solidarity.

The accidents slowed us down and it was long after sunrise before we arrived home. Master said to leave the bags until later and we went into the sweltering hot house. Before we left, we turned the AC off.  Good grief.  At least that started up nicely and after a hour the house was noticeably cooler. We were too tired to move but mouse managed to make some toast and a cup of weak tea for Master, who did need to eat something. Since we drove at night, we missed all our favorite road fruit stands so we had nothing in the house to eat.

After an hour or so, Master went to bed, where he remained for several hours and completely undisturbed. Because the kids had slept mouse felt she should not leave them completely unsupervised so she stayed awake. Eventually she grabbed her set of keys and took the kids to grocery shop (yes, they balked because no one wanted to see a car ever again). At the market mouse struggled to keep her focus. What did we need? Some eggs, wheat bread, coffee, some lunch meat, salad...

Just enough to keep us going for one more day.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sleepless Night

Late one evening recently before mouse had her latest in a long line of revelations, and felt the need, although she hadn't made the connection yet, to be extra pleasing. After removing his shoes, mouse kissed his feet. Now, no one was around at that moment, and it largely went unnoticed even by Master. Still thre was this strong feeling that she needed to atone for something she didn't understand.

Master and mouse went through the rest of the evening in relative silence, which to be honest isn't unusual since we have an exceptionally noisy household. Later, Master called mouse to him and made use of he mouth, and told her she was a good girl. After a bit of rough use, mouse settled, anchored at Master's feet.

There's been a huge shift in mouse's thinking lately, seeing so clearly the flaws in previous lines of thought. Mistakes that cannot be undone.

Another step taken in the journey. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

I Can See All Obstacles in my Way

On Saturday, as some might be aware mouse made a comment of having a quiet day with Master on Twitter. While Omega does have a twitter account, he doesn't really use it. In fact he hadn't posted on it for years. He's just not a social media guy. So, you can imagine mouse's shock when he did reply. Now to be clear, we were both home at the same time, albeit on different floors. Upstairs mouse was working on laundry while he was downstairs watching sports on the television. 

He, at first, repeated that he was having a quiet day with his only slave. 

So mouse had to comment that he mentioned "only" ...Then it happened...

He referred to mouse as "baby girl" which he doesn't do publicly ever. He usually would call mouse his slave or just say mouse. So mouse asked if we were reentering a "Daddy" phase again?  There was a sense of hopefulness in mouse (which she'll explain later). 

He replied that we never left it and that he doesn't care how mouse refers to him, so long as it's said respectfully.

Projections are often very wrong.  Honestly mouse hates the term, "you are projecting." especially when mouse was convinced she wasn't doing it at all. Yet she was and sees it much more clearly. All this time mouse believed that calling him Master came from Him when it really came from herself and that internal need to please him.  No that;s probably not right, she didn't call him Master to please him...but more to formalize our relationship and remind mouse what he is to her first.

When he wrote on Twitter that he never stopped being "daddy" more or less the way mouse took his words; it made her cry. He came upstairs where mouse was doing laundry to find her in tears of relief. It's felt like months of punishment were finally over and he was again "Daddy" but the problem was that it was all mouse. The guilt she felt had finally consumed her and despite feeling so brittle that she might shatter, she realized that she was punishing herself.  Maybe Omega's odd gesture allowed her to forgive herself.

He held her and rocked her in his arms and remarked at how proud he is of her. He had no idea that mouse was in such turmoil and he didn't want that. Yes he wanted her to realize that she was wrong, but not to that extent that it would eat her up or feel internally punished forever. Daddy held his mouse, and let her cry until no more tears came.

What is truly odd, until that moment when he expressed that he hadn't any clue that mouse felt like that, she realized that neither had she. All that inner turmoil that she felt she needed to make something right that had gone wrong, was only coming from her own skewed projection. It's like she was wearing a backpack but never realized until she took it off how incredibly heavy it was. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Only time for a quickie, but hopefully soonish a proper update will happen.

After his morning oral service Master gave a contented sigh...mouse had been extra pleasing that morning to him. He mused briefly and said, "Good morning slave."

Still swallowing mouse smiled up at him. 

"I am feeling extra sadistic this morning, maybe I will take the day and torture you." 

"Your daughter threw up this morning."

"Of course she did. Well, I'd better shower and head to work." 

Giggling mouse jumped from the bed and fetched his towel. 

"Does she have a fever? Any discomfort?" He asked of our daughter. 

"No, fever, a bit tired, but not happy about missing school and dance after school today. The teacher sent a note home that she seemed off yesterday that there's a stomach bug going around." Then after a pause mouse asked, "What did you have planned?" 

"All sorts of nasty things." 


Over breakfast Master continued giving mouse luring looks -- He needed to know mouse would be suffering.  Pretending to look for something in. his study, he called for mouse.  

"Unbutton that blouse and show me." 

Quickly mouse unbuttoned and lifted her arms, lacing her fingers behind her neck. Master moved the fabric aside and tugged the nipple rings. He made mouse whimper as he kneaded the tissue. His free hand moved down to that area between her legs and touched her clit. He rubbed it toying with her, getting her ramped up, and she knew he'd stop but hoped she was wrong. 

He paused for a moment and kissed mouse, he said he deeply sorry for what he was about to do then he quickly edged mouse to orgasm and as predicted left her hanging. And not soon after that she began to feel the burning sensation. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just Like Bees

We have been busy with the daily coming and goings of a busy family. There hasn't been much time for writing or blogging but mouse has been keeping a private journal where she's been dutifully keeping her thoughts. Master felt it was appropriate to punish mouse twice for infractions against his wishes. He won't tolerate disobedience from mouse and why should he? Almost counterintuitively, mouse finds herself far more settled and at ease in her skin. 

We have also had fun, kinky fun and some truly laughing fun, we joined Lucy and Schroeder one evening and Lucy brought out Cards Against Humanity and while both of us have heard of the game, we had never played it. It was terrible raunchy fun. It felt as though we hadn't laughed in ages and felt wonderful to let go of all our mental baggage. Especially for Master who mouse swears, carries the weight of the world on his shoulders at times and wishes to become of better use to him. 

Lucy, who still has her Facebook, sent mouse a link to something she found interesting, about a woman who let her husband pick out her clothing for a week. Now, Lucy is well aware that mouse's clothing options are totally decided by Master so she thought mouse would find the article interesting. It didn't disappoint, because men do have a different way of looking at things. Many times Master has chosen two outfits for mouse, one extremely casual because he knows that she'll be running errands and cleaning house, but a second selection for the evening that's just for him, which is usually a bit more sexy. He prefers that mouse remain barefooted in the house, which isn't a problem unless it's cold, then he doesn't mind if mouse wears a foot covering of some sort.  It's a pity the woman in the article didn't continue the practice after the week was up, but it seems she learned something about herself and her husband so it's all good in the end.

Last night, Master wanted a cup of tea so mouse heated the water and put together the nice tea service that was inherited from his family. Carefully mouse carried the tray into his study and knelt beside the chaise lounge to fix his perfect cup of tea for him. He remarked later he found it deeply sexy the way mouse did it. It gave mouse that jolt of happiness knowing that she'd pleased him and he enjoyed the perfect cup of tea.

It's a million little things that will propel mouse to please him, whether it's a sexy dress he wishes mouse to wear, or shoes he prefers she didn't wear, or making a special meal that she just knows that he will enjoy. The happier she is in her slavery to him, the happier and more settled everyone is around us. That is the part most telling, daily interactions are much more pleasing. Smiles, immediately put others at ease and they're not fake, but genuine, which could be why they work.

Later last night Master helped mouse undress, well, he undressed her slowly and kissed her neck, which always sends shivers to her sex, and then bent her over to take her in the rear. After he slipped the large plug into her to hold in his seed. In bed, when he gave permission for mouse to enter it, we snuggled between the sheets. His body using mouse's as almost one might use a body pillow, how that used to annoy her, but now she's grown used to feeling his weight on her. It's comforting. His scent fills her and she feels useful, even as he sleeps. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

One of Those Things

"Mouse, come here and bring your laptop," Master called from his study. 

There was a marked hesitation from mouse, who was at that moment sending a text message to Lucy, "Oh dear" mouse wrote to her friend, "He wants to see the laptop...Gulp." Master is quite meticulous about his things, as mouse is well aware of. Last year, he gave mouse his older laptop that he used for work, after upgrading to newer one. He cleaned and gave it to mouse with it looking like brand new, with the expectation that it would stay that way.  

Naturally when the screen becomes  dirty mouse will clean it and has a couple times since he's given it to her. It's just not something that she does very often, so this surprise inspection had mouse quaking. The screen was a mess. He opened it up, looked at the screen, shut it down. He got a soft towel and small dish of water, and instructed mouse again on how to properly clean it. He remarked several times that it's not a touch screen, why would there be fingerprints?  

To that mouse had no answer. It wasn't so filthy that it took forever to clean, but still it was embarrassing that she was careless with something Master had entrusted to her care. At the heart that is what he did. 

"Strip, position number one" 

With her head lowered, mouse undressed slowly, stepping out of her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse, until all she was left was the corset, which he unfastened and removed. Raising her arms and clasped behind her neck, she adjusted her stance the way Master expects.  Legs apart, somewhat even with the shoulders. It's a vulnerable position to be in, without anything to hide yourself. 

His fingers grabbed the nipple rings and guided her to the computer and asked if this is how she cares for gifts? 

"No Master." 

He again closed the laptop. He added weight to the nipple rings, then had mouse bend forward, the weights jostled and tugged in that rip the flesh feeling mouse hates,  he then pushed her feet further apart. Soon she felt the riding crop against her backside, and then against the area between her legs, which really caught her attention. Tears fell, her nose ran, and it was all she could to do not to scream.  

Then he stopped, handed her a handkerchief, and used the remaining water in the dish, to wash her face. 

"Now slave, bring me your purse." 

"You might as well just beat mouse now and get it over with -- it'll save us some steps." 

He smirked, and gave mouse 10 minutes to tidy it up, which turned out to be just enough time. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Leave a Message with the Rain

Thursday night, as she has many times before, stood in Master's study awaiting absolution from the misdeeds and errors. In those moments, she realized that she was far more better off than even a year ago. After years of fighting against what she needed and her mind in conflict with what she felt she should have, suddenly the stillness was unsettling. The moments where she wanted to run, scream and cry were suddenly released. Master carefully walked through the past week of demerits as mouse focused on his words to her. There was continued growth, but there were also areas of stagnation. "Hesitations," he called them and for those mouse would suffer punishment. 

"Who is your Master, slave? Who commands you in all things?" Master questioned.  

Of course, mouse replied that he owns and commands mouse. Twice over the that week mouse had lashed out verbally to Master over something honestly trivial. Several times when he told her to get something, she paused instead of acting and during the week had a rare early-week strapping. He understood the internal struggle she was going through before and more timely reminders are required so there's no backsliding. The punishment she received was far harsher, the strap stung of course, but after he removed himself from her for a day and that was worse.  Master barely spoke to her, refused to let her touch him and refrained from using her sexually or at least in a way that mutually gratifying.

Now, inside the study, mouse was afraid, not of him or his authority but if she had again failed horribly and that he would reject her again. Inwardly as he spoke, she silently begged for physical punishment. Anything was better than not allowing the closeness she craved, and had given herself away the tell was completely revealed to him now. When he asked if mouse recalled why precisely she was punished on Tuesday mouse told him that she had lost control of herself and her emotions and lashed out angrily at him, adding quickly that was truly sorry again for it.

It had been stupid and completely unwarranted. He asked about something and mouse, having already told and explained it twice before blew up at him. Wasn't he listening? Wasn't he paying attention? Isn't that his thing to pay attention to every detail? He wasn't angry that she challenged him, he was upset at the volume of venom that came with it. Had she handled it differently and used her grownup words, not the ones of a petulant child that feels defensive; the punishment might have waited or been not warranted at all.   

He quickly slapped her face to stop the trade, then took her upstairs bent her over the bed and took off his belt. No ritual of kissing the strap, no counting the blows, no discussion - just the strap on her bare bottom. That evening at bed, she knelt beside the bed and begged to enter it. He said nothing in reply, so she took a blanket we keep on the chair and slept on the floor. In the morning he rejected the oral service, but did urinate on her in the shower. The only words spoken that morning was that she could use shampoo and take a cold shower.

He left for work that morning and did kiss her cheek, as is the custom, but said nothing else. No messages were sent from him throughout the day. Wednesday evening he returned home, ate his meal, spoke to the children and went to the study to work. That evening again mouse knelt by the bed and again begged to enter it, and he said to enter it but kept to his side of the bed and Thursday morning, he didn't refuse his oral service.

Now, here was mouse awaiting punishment for everything else she'd done wrong, the hesitations. He spent time catching up on how her meditations were going, which until recently were much better. He said he understood and then had her bend over his desk. His hand touched her bottom, then felt the sting of his hand against her skin, after he had her stand in the corner with the dress hiked up exposing her bottom. The humiliation she felt was great and quietly as possible she cried. Not only had she let him down again, but herself too by failing in her slavery.

When he felt enough time had passed her had mouse kneel before him. and he spoke rather candidly about his disappointment and felt mouse was better than this. The weight of letting him down felt heavy. He had mouse remain close to him the rest of the evening until it was time to ready for bed. He used her body then, taking her from behind. After granting permission to enter the bed, he wrapped his body around his possession, and whispered gently into her ear, asking what was going on inside her head. Words tumbled out about her fear and regret over her recent behavior and then begged him to help her.

Friday morning, mouse woke, pleasured Master with her mouth and tried extra hard to be pleasing for him, warming his towel in the dryer, being extra attentive to his needs. As he shaved he asked mouse to kneel in a way he finds very pleasing, with her head down on the carpet and arms outstretched with her bottom lifted upward. He calls this the second position. He said that breakfast could wait a few minutes  and told her to listen carefully to what he said.

"You are compensating for the punishment last night. This is no longer acceptable behavior, your slavery should be natural and not a way to gain my favor."

Then he walked into the closet, took out the large plug, added some lube and inserted into mouse's bottom. He then used the cane on her thighs causing fresh tears to fall. He handed mouse her bathrobe and told her to prepare breakfast for our family, who would all be up soon. After asking to splash water on her face, mouse hurried downstairs. Breakfast was hurried and slightly late. When everyone was gone, mouse pondered about the punishment. He was right, mouse was trying too hard.

He wants her slavery to be as natural and as pleasing as the breaths she takes, not something she's got to work at or try hard to achieve. During that Friday as she cleaned the house, prepared the meal for Shabbat and ran her errands, she found herself going back over what she did and recalled the last thing she'd spoken to Master before falling asleep the previous night, she had asked for his help.

Suddenly she felt lucky to have such a man in her life. Children arrived home from school and slowly the house came back to life as the table was set, candles laid out, the match to light them, beside the metal dish for the match. Master got home, quickly showered, inspected his shoes (the children are supposed to polish them on Friday's). Soon it was time, the prayers spoken, children blessed and the meal was eaten with the candles left to burn down. For the next 25 hours mouse remained attentive but quiet and made herself available for Master's use. Sunday we went to an outdoor market then to a museum, which was having an exhibit Master was interpreted in.

Sunday evening after the kids were in bed and observed mouse's Monday morning prep, he led her upstairs and watched as she shaved, filled the enema. Master inserted the tip and controlled the water flow, then watched mouse squirm until he gave the command to empty her bowels. After he inserted the medium plug and toyed with her. He impaled her with his sex, penetrating her deep and making her gasp. He jostled the tits that hung free with weights attached to the nipple rings and thoroughly used her for his pleasure. He allowed an orgasm for mouse that evening. A reward for her honest behavior, which hit mouse like a wave and she shook and trembled. After as she licked and kissed Master's body she thanked him profusely for the pleasure of that orgasm. He was pleased, taking out a favorite vibe that he used it on mouse bringing more orgasms until it turned into this blend of sweet torture and left mouse a mentally vacant mess. That night mouse fell asleep with Master's cock in her mouth. As usual, at some point during the night it falls out, but she usually remains close to it throughout the night, which makes Master's morning service even more pleasing.  

The Monday that followed was surprisingly easy, despite the grumpy children. There were no extra corrections needed during the following week, and mouse seemed to find her stride. The mindful meditation had returned to her, as her mind quieted again. It was during this time that mouse noticed the difference between the pleasure of service and the service done to score a point or three. That Thursday back once again in Master's study mouse spoke freely about that and told him she was happy that he brought it her attention, but at the same time wasn't sure what she could do to change that behavior. Together Master and slave spent a little time brainstorming on ways for mouse to understand those moments and recognize them when they occur.

After all this, mouse is happy to report there were no demerits (practically unheard of). Master did remind mouse that over the next several weeks he will be increasingly distant as he gears up for his summer break from work. He reminded mouse to be patient during this time -- and most importantly to use her grownup words when she feels too neglected.