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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Checklist


Do you find the act of checking off an accomplishment cathartic? Some people do, while others find it a waste of time. Some go so far as to check off "Get up" meaning they got out of bed in the morning. That feels like a bit much but if it works for you, who is mouse to argue? There are things however, that Master felt a list would be helpful for her to do. While writing exercise isn't an issue because she'd never forget that she does frequently forget to be gentle with herself and take a moment and meditate. When Master constructed a todo list for His slave, He took into account things she should be doing such as, household chores, which vary daily, shopping, errands, etc., He added the aforementioned meditation but more surprisingly He also added that she's to "Read for 10 minutes" that's a minimum requirement, reading longer is encouraged but He knows that she's busy. This is a reminder that all things are important and even taking the quiet moment to breathe deeply, arrange some flowers, or read for 10 minutes, have a purpose in mental health. As a slave, the day is organized a certain way, with a repeating theme while Master is away from the home. The slave is driven by her list in His absence, sure some things are easier like being allowed to run the day's errands or showering and things that are to be accomplished without His supervision. Meals are planned for with His guidance, and for now, honestly driven by what we can get on sale. We understand we're privileged afford good quality meats and produce. We aim for zero waste but it's not easy since children are fickle. 

When at Home, mouse is thoroughly tethered to Him, if she's cooking in the kitchen, she will frequently check in on Him to see if His glass needs refilling, or whatever He might need. The children are kept occupied with either studies, or helping prepare dinner. Their job is to set the table and help clean up after it. With all the complaining and bickering mouse often worries that we're nothing but a bunch of ungrateful females. Taking a moment to think about others has become a daily thing. 

The children are to do something for Him, something for mouse and something for another person (doesn't matter who) or what is done. Each night our daughter will ask if there is anything she can do to help mouse with dinner. Even if the answer is no, she will offer to do something small (like ask permission to make an appetizer) or to make dessert. Of course, this can also create more work for mouse, like getting a cutting board and veggies set up or passing her ingredients to make a dip and they've gotten very good at putting together a charcuterie board (not a huge thing, although mouse is pretty sure they could), but a small board with different types of nibbles for mostly their Father to enjoy. 

Kindness costs nothing, we keep seeing this message everywhere but, we still see so many being unkind. Master has, with that in mind, cut us all off from social media. There's too much smugness and self-righteousness in the world, He doesn't believe any of us need to be exposed to. In just a few weeks the attitude began lifting. Now, to be clear we are speaking of social media and influencers (regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum). This isn't to be confused with unaware, we read news articles from sources that we trust and teaching our children to parse the opinion from the facts. The current rule being if one doesn't know all the facts, one has no business spouting any opinion. Offer deference and move on with your day because those types aren't worth any effort. 

Sorry this so brief, mouse will return to discuss how the slavery side of things factors into this. 

Much love dear friends. 


Roz said...

Lovely to hear from you Mouse. I love the acts of kindness you all show to each other every day. I think it's a wonderful lesson for the children and you are right of couse, it costs nothing.


Anonymous said...

I love a checklist, it appeals to my orderly mind. So good, as always to hear from you.

Best Always,

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you!


little monkey said...

I have found that staying off social media is neccesary for my own mental health. Teaching your children to think critically is an admirable thing.