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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

# 23 Step one revisited

After talking with Jim, I have decided to reexamine the 12 steps. I am writing this here mostly for r's benefit. When I first entered SA, Jim showed me the 12 steps of recovery and I scoffed thinking I could do them in a week.

I too easily admitted I was powerless over my addiction; step two please. Jim did not let that slide. I was to explain how and why. I wrote down some rubbish and waited a more appropriate amount of time before moving on. I was not very honest with myself and Jim. I was still acting out though I had stifled myself somewhat.

A year after I found I needed doing all the steps over, more willingly this time and with much more honesty. I stopped acting out entirely a roughly month or so before that. When I approached step one it took three months to admit I was truly powerless. Certainly I had some ability to abstain from my bad behaviors. Was I powerless? Was my life unmanageable? The simple answer is yes. However there are no easy answers. After rereading what I had written now two and half years ago, I got most of it right. I was honest, and succinct. Time changes and I find there is more that I did not recognize.

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