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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Blues

Omega left yesterday for Manhattan; he phoned a couple times and that made me feel happy. Sleep wasn't my friend last night, just tossed and turned all night long. Miserable. Our weekend was nice, though short. He seemed distant. Mother nature is a real bitch and that's all I'm going to say about that.

I feel like just staying bed but I'll have all next month to do that. I'm taking a month off from work, I haven't had a vacation since I can't remember when. I'm burned out. In August I start at the place where Omega works.

Saturday was a waste of a day, Omega has been on my butt about getting an airport for the computer (he's been using a connect card on his lap top that isn't exactly cheap). With the airport, he can just use his computer anywhere. Airport is a fussy little gadget (as far as I'm concerned), and it took literally HOURS to figure out how to get to work properly, since all my airport stuff on my mac was turned off (yes, I'm not sure why or even how I did that). The instructions made it sound like it's so easy and Omega is known to everyone as the gadget guy. The problem was that my computer wasn't talking to the airport, at all, in fact thought I was still connected by the plug thing in the back of the computer.

In my defense I did tell him that it might be a settings error but he was following the instructions. Eventually he opened something and suddenly things started falling into place and the light turned from flashing amber, to solid amber to green. After that reconfiguring his laptop was fairly simple.

All that said, I miss him. I actually thought what if I have another horrible nightmare and he's not here! The house is kinda quiet without him and even the dog is pining away.

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  1. Take it from me - it's so hard to be without your Dom. But he'll be home soon.

    hugs to you!


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