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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running late

I just woke up a short while ago, so forgive this if it sounds muddled. Both our therapists are THRILLED with the progress we're making, especially Omega's therapist, who I do like very much. He gave us some suggestions on how to continue building on our current momentum. Omega isn't thrilled with the suggestions, but he's coping well and is very willing to do what it takes. I'm proud of him. And, I love him for that.

We're both driving together today; busy day to make-up. People aren't happy we took the day off and once people talked they easily figured out we both were out. Not a huge issue but being out "sick" for a day always causes problems, because mostly it's not just us involved (we both work with 'teams"). Omega is more of team leader though, so it's more difficult for him to be sick even for a day, than for me, a team player (though very important right now). Remember, for now we're still playing on different teams.

However we both have a seriously strong work ethic, so even though people knew that we were not actually ill, no one could say much about it.

Now it's time for me to wake him, and really light a fire under this day.

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