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Friday, July 3, 2009


A good day. No work and some play make me happy. Have a therapy and SA meetings for later.

Keyword: Happy (I know, how vapid)


  1. happiness is not vapid, to be happy all the time and with no reason, to be happy when the circumstances dictate other wise that is vapid.

    To be happy because you have made decisions and fought for it because you have allowed yourself to be open to it... today's keyword - courage

  2. r often teases me, referring to me as "the walking dictionary." Someone else made a similar comment. Self depreciation is lost on me. When considering my daily keyword this morning, the only word that came to mind was really "happy."

    Then I thought how dull.

  3. Omega,

    There are seven different English language dictionaries in my office. I love your word choices and I will let you know if you come across one I don't know. Your other commenter, yes I read it, should keep up I have and I'm not even English.


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  5. I don't know how I missed this post, but having found it, I must respond: My teenage daugther and I have both been called "walking dictionaries." Our response? We prefer "thesaurus." *laughs*

    And, I have a pillow from mary engelbreit which I bought for myself inscribed, "Miss Smarty."

    hugs to you and mouse,


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