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Friday, July 31, 2009


I felt cruel last evening. My inner sadist; I am suppressing him. Talked to mouse about it, and naturally she offered herself. I did not tell her to get that response. Arrogant or no, if I wanted to use her that way I would.

keyword: restraint


  1. I find it amazing with people can acknowledge something they feel without acting on it. Restraint is a necessary at times.

  2. it might not be my business or my place, so i apologize if not Sir. But, she would not enjoy your inner sadist?

    On the flip side, i enjoy easing my Masters load. Sometimes letting that Sadist have his way is a wonderful stress reliever for Him. Being able to give that relief to him feels wonderful.

  3. NiteStorms lite,

    Your query is a fair one and I will explain, my mouse greatly enjoys my sadism, however at this time it is not appropriate for her. While mouse has no issue whatsoever in accepting pain, even hideous amounts which pleases me to no end, it is the pleasurable touch that causes her mental anguish.

    You can read more about mouse's issues in her journal specifically:

    There is nothing that pleases my mouse more than pleasing me. I want however for her to feel pleasure as well, so that she may be more balanced.


  4. *hugs*

    Restraint is necessary but it makes us stronger.


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