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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is crazy sometimes

I went into work early and left early, shut off my cell and went to get my hair done. I didn't do it to be naughty but because it was dying. I turned it on briefly to send Omega a text and then shut it off. I gossiped and talked about everything new in my life and she told me everything new in her life.

I had enough foil on my head to block aliens from communicating with me. Then as I was leaving I ran into Lucy who was there to tan. I waited for her to finish and we ran next door to our coffee shop for coffee and we caught up on everything new in our lives since the last time we talked (two days ago). We also made plans to get together Friday night. We're going to make pizza and play hearts with the guys.

I checked the time, and realized I was running late so I quickly left and ran to the dry cleaners to pick up our stuff. I would LOVE to know why two of my blouses cost almost as much to clean as three of Omega's suits! Picked up everything and ran into the market for some veggies for dinner tonight, then finally headed home.

I cooked dinner, and watered some plants, took the dog for a brief walk and then waited for Omega. He came home looking exhausted. He's still not feeling terrific but I was in a wonderful mood, I fixed him a drink and that seemed to help lighten his mood. He hadn't taken a sip of drink when he said he had forgotten something and grabbed his keys and left. I decided to light the candles and finish cooking. It had just started raining when he returned carrying roses.

I threw my arms around him and kissed him! When he returned from changing his clothes he did drink the cocktail I fixed him but said no to a second. We talked about our day, and I told him about seeing Lucy. He nodded his approval and raved about the meal I prepared (I guess if you smother chicken in red sauce and cheese and it doesn't dry out). He helped me clean the kitchen up, and load the dishwasher. After he pulled me close and said he had a little work to do but wanted me to wait for him in the basement and to be ready for him.

I wondered what he had in mind, but went down there, removed my clothes and waited for him.

Soon enough I had my answer. We played hard and long. I was reduced to a quivering, crying, jumble of masochistic flesh. After I was mentally drained and messy.

Later we dressed and went back upstairs, I drew a bath and he lit candles, we settled into the tub. When I started falling asleep he nudged me gently and kissed my ear, whispering that it was time to get into bed. He dried me off and carried me to the bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I woke to find myself wrapped in his arms.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day. Getting a jump on things with an early end of the work day is always welcome. Glad you were able to have the satisfaction of successfully turning your husband's mood around after he had a busy day. I love to provide that service to my wife and it gives me a feeling of contentment when I am able to please her like that.

    Last night, I came in the bedroom from putting the children to sleep and she was sitting on the bed in her jamies with her feet on a towel, the massage book out with the lotion. She has recently taken to foot rubs and had me give her one while she watched TV. It was about 90 minutes of foot massaging before she began to succumb to sleepiness. Before going to sleep, she aroused me by having me lay on my back next to her and she putting her hand on my hip for awhile. I love her tease and denial of me. It feeds my subservience. We drifted off to sleep that way….

    If I am good, I am scheduled to have a release tonigh.

  2. Sounds absolutely blissful!

  3. What a lovely day! Which reminds me I need to get my hair done! :)

  4. yes, and you're so blessed to have someone who WANTS you to take care of you.

    and I've been told that I need to get my nails and toes down because I'm off my scheduled appointments.

    *grins* ain't being dominated wonderful?!!


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