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Friday, September 18, 2009

My "DO" List

We had an odd discussion on Jz's blog A Reluctant Bitch recently it started off with a wonderful post Titled:  A Few things I need to let go of...  and ended up with talk about chocolate and sex.  I think only women can really bridge that gap.  We started discussing brownies, and ended up discussing Mike Rowe (aka Dirty Jobs guy).  I commented to her that I would accept him in lieu of the brownies and Omega would be okay with that because he's on "my list."  She wondered who else was on my list and if I ever blogged about it.  So since I'm feeling really silly I decided to post it here.  

Truth be told Omega must be a very confident man because when I told him about writing this post he didn't bat an eye...

This post was first written, if the internet or even personal computers existed, back in the dark ages, when I was in Jr. High School.  It was my first real list.  Specifically, the men I would fuck list.  

I don't recall exactly everyone that was on said list back then but I know a couple for sure...
  1. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
  2. David Cassidy 
  3. Mr. Spock from Star Trek
Whoever else was hot at that time, because I can't really recall now.  Those are three main ones I can think of.  It needs to be said the list is older than that because it started with my TV crush.  I was in LOVE with David Cassidy aka Keith Partridge.  I don't think I wanted to fuck him but I know I wanted to marry him.  I was in kindergarten, and boys were generally still kinda gross, and the idea of kissing a boy was getting cooties.  However David Cassidy's cooties, as I recall, were worth taking the risk.  Spock was from before that, I'm not sure why but I remember being 3 and setting a place for him at the kitchen table for dinner.  

Over the years the list evolved, devolved, with names coming on and off at different times.  At one time the list even included Homer Simpson, I'm so not kidding.  He's hysterical.  Marge always seemed rather satisfied, so there must be something to it.  Sometimes laughter during sex is a good thing.  During high school, Patrick Swayze (RIP) was on the list, during the Dirty Dancing craze, but soon he was replaced with Robert Downey Jr, who has remained there since.   

The list was just kinda filed away mentally until an episode of the show Friends appeared on TV where Ross has his list of women he could have sex with, with (I think) Rachel's blessing.  Isabella Rossilini was on that list of his but he took her off, then had the list laminated.  Of course she happens into the coffee shop, he tells her about his list, and she's flattered.  She asks to see the list and finds her name isn't on it after all.  The following day at work everyone was talking around the water cooler about their fantasy "Do" list.  Of course most guys had Jennifer Aniston on their "Do" list.  One non-celebrity did find his way onto that list, and was removed when I did get to "do" him.  That was Omega (yes!). 

My Current List

In somewhat of reverse order 

Orlando Bloom (in full pirate regalia)  I actually own a Will Turner action figure who sits on my desk at work. 

Liam Neeson  Ohhhhh yea.....I first took notice of him watching the Dead Pool, he's remained on my list probably since (though poor Clint, aka Dirty Harry dropped off)

Mike Rowe (aka Dirty Jobs guy on Discovery)  Hearing his voice is the only reason I watch Deadliest Catch on the same channel.  Hell, I'd hold his towel while he showers after one of those Dirty Jobs.....

George Clooney  He can rob my casino any day...he's just too darn cute for words.

Denzel Washington  I don't think I need to say much about that....

Julian McMahon  Dude from Nip/Tuck...he's just ooooh.  

Robert Downey Jr -- So talented, so incredibly sexy.  The only reason to watch Iron Man.

Do you have a list?


  1. *laughs* Who doesn't have a list.

    1)Vin Diesel (He is gorgeous, he games and is very intelligent. *swoons*)

    2)Christian Bale (He is so intense.)

    3)Eric Bana (I love accent and his eyes.)

    4)Gerard Butler (All I have to say is 300.)

    5) Hugh Jackman (Oh that accent, I'm such a sucker for that.)

    Well that was quite a change of pace! Thank you for sharing mouse. *hugs*

  2. hi mouse, I'm Ally, nice to meet you! I couldn't not respond to this fun question.
    Maurice Bernard - I watched General Hospital as a teenager and developed a huge crush that I never got over
    George Clooney - so sexy, in everything he does
    Colin Firth - I loved him in the bbc version of Pride and Predjudice and the Bridget Jones movies
    Gilles Mirini - if you saw him on Dancing with the explanation needed
    Patrick Dempsy - very cute
    Matthew Fox - from Lost there are dominant guys running all over that island!

  3. Gray,

    No kidding about who doesn't have a list....LOL

    I like your list too....

    I'm just feeling kinda silly and light at least the past couple days...I think Omega has something to do with that....(blushes)


  4. Hi Ally welcome!

    Patrick Dempsy is another good one! He might be on the alternates list...LMAO


  5. Lol, doggoneit Mouse, not only do I have a list, it has suggested positions, lolol,,,guess I will have to post it :) CD

  6. 1) Eva Mendez
    2) Penelope Cruz
    3) Jennifer Lopez

  7. CD,

    I look forward to reading it..LOL


    Thanks for sharing!



  8. That's really weird. Though you and I seem to have similar tastes in many things, my list doesn't contain a single person that's on your list, lol.


  9. Sean Connery- I don't care how old the man is, he's SEAN CONNERY!

    My Man Mike, naturally. (Notice the possesive pronoun, oh ye of the wedded state...)

    Don't know if I still actually want to DO Robert Plant but he can sure sit on my bed, strum a guitar and sing to me, anytime! (I, too, have moved on from David Cassidy, however.)

    Here's a variation on the question for you. Something I heard back in the day.

    Who would you die to sleep with?
    ---Liam Neeson

    Who would you die rather than sleep with?
    ---Steven Seagal

    Who would you sleep with but die rather than have anyone find out?
    ---Tommy Lee

  10. Hmmm...
    I've never put this together before, but it would have to include Denzel Washington, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman (or Wolverine - either one)...I'm sure there are more, but hwo to narrow it down?
    Thanks Mouse

  11. I recall years ago making up a list when I was married. It pretty much focused around Jon BonJovi at the time. I would still do him in a heart beat if he rang my door bell. I'll have to think about the others who make me lust. Great Post!!


  12. Hummm...

    1. Tony Stewart
    2. Joe McIntyre
    3. Vin Diesel ( I so hear ya Gray!)
    4. David Boreanaz (Buffy)
    5. Jensen Ackles

    Yummy!! No particular order, except number 1, He's definitely my favorite.

  13. Hmmmm.... Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom (definitely as an elf), and Brad Pitt (in his vampire days).

  14. I laughed out loud at JZ's comment about Tommy Lee.

    Lots of overlap between your list and mine Mouse, but definitely Patrick Swayze and definitely not Orlando Bloom as an elf or a pirate.

    How about Johnny Depp?

  15. Dante...LMAO...I'm sure Tiggr is happy for that too.

    Jz...OMG Tommy Lee...yeah I'd keep that one quiet too..

    greengirl, Patrick Stewart...When I think of him I think of whole Star Trek the nxt gen....

    I always had wondered about Data...he was on the list for a time (not the actor but if Data were real). As an android he could just keep going, wouldn't need to eat...or stop...OMG..

    CK, Oh yeah Bon Jovi...hmmm

    kitty, gets ya thinking doesn't it?

    sin, Johnny Depp...maybe an alternate on my list. LMAO

    Thanks for all the replies...


  16. Mouse,

    I don't have a "Do" list, but if we're going to talk about Star Trek characters I'd "do" B'ellana Torres at the first chance! As volitile as she is just walking around engineering, she's got to be literal dynamite in bed. And Ardra, the bad girl from Devil's Due on STNG. Like you though, the characters, not the actresses. If I get the actresses I want a threesome with Jerri Ryan and Jolene Blalock. But not the characters, because neither of them have much emotion going on, and that would be no fun.

    Hey, Omega did send me an email, but I don't think my response was able to get through. I'd appreciate it if he'd send me an email addy I can type in myself and send from Gmail.

    Thanks for the fun post.

  17. Magnus,

    I do not believe I have ever sent you an email, however if you wish correspondence I may be reached by email:


  18. I really only have two..ok maybe three that make me drool a bit ;)

    1. Shemar Moore from Young and the Restless and now Criminal Minds...OMG!!! And Yes Please!!!
    2. Vin Diesel...yum
    3. Usher mmm mmm mmm

    This was fun!



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