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Sunday, September 13, 2009

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog

Albeit a day early....I just couldn't wait to blog about Omega's birthday!  

Our weekend began on Friday morning with Omega's birthday!  I was going to mention it in my blog that day but he absolutely forbid me to say anything.  He's such a fuddy duddy when it comes to his birthday (yet I did see He mentioned it in his blog the following day).  I woke him up just the way he loves and cooked him a breakfast while he showered.  He headed to work with a big smile on his face and I started going through my chore list for the day.  I ran all my errands and picked up his birthday present.  

He has mentioned for sometime that he needed a new watch, so I started searching weeks ago for men's watches.   It wasn't easy sifting through the different kinds, like Rolex, which are nice but he already owns one of those.  And then I just happened upon this one by of all things OMEGA!  

It was as though the stars were screaming to me saying, "mouse you must buy this for your man!"  I had forgotten OMEGA watches even existed still.  So I started a more localized search, investigated the different styles and found one I liked, the one pictured to the left.  And picked it up on Friday after he left for work.

I have to admit I'm a Timex girl, and this watch was totally out of the hemisphere of what I planned on spending but it was well worth it.  I gave it to him after dinner and his eyes sparkled when he saw the box.  He laughed and kissed me.  When we got home he commented that he hoped the watch didn't set me back too much.  It's funny that he worries about that but he's always telling me I can spend money, as if I need permission to shop.  Well, maybe I do?  I don't like to spend money on myself, but I do enjoy spending money on other people.  

I love shopping with my friends, and trying on different clothes that I'll never buy.  Lucy always buys expensive clothes for herself and I'm often shocked at how much she'll spend on shoes.  Me?  I've still got jeans folded in a drawer from the 1990s, I do try to stay up-to-date with the tops though and jackets.  Work clothes are for work but I do tend to spend more on those than the stuff I wear around weekends and days off.  My work outfits, while I prefer a classic style, still manage a put-together look with the proper accessories or modern accents, just to prove I can coordinate and have some sense of style.  

Friday evening he had his real present...I was thoroughly reduced to a puddle of goo on the cement floor, lost in a subspace bliss that has no definition.  

Saturday was not a fun day, it was a day of projects and house stuff, even though the weather is warm, summer is giving up the fight.  Soon, fall then winter and there is a lot to do before then.  I have to call a service about getting the furnace prepped, another to have the gutters cleaned, and yet still another to check out a tree in my backyard that's leaning to one side after some seriously heavy rain and too much fruit.  There was also a misbehaving printer that drove us both insane for a while.  

Saturday afternoon we headed to the coast and jumped on the sailboat.  We didn't go far but enough to see the sunset and enjoy the star-filled sky.   It was very nice, though nautical terms still confuse me.  I absolutely love being wrapped in my Master's arms and feeling his breath as he whispers into my ear and points out the constellations.  

Sunday morning we returned to dock, and gathered our things, and returned home shortly after dawn.  Later he took me to breakfast nearby and told the waitress only one menu was needed.  He ordered for me the most perfect breakfast.  I can't help but to think how incredibly sexy it is when he does that!  


  1. Excellent choice in watch and happy belated birthday to your Omega!


  2. way to go with the watch. Sounds like you nailed that one. ;-}

    my wife tells me what to order for both of us, and then I talk to the server. I know what you are saying though.

    BTW, you should get a new bra every three months. I found this out when I picked up the laundry task. No need to suffer with protruding wires. Take care of yourself.

  3. S-H,
    What!? A new bra every three months?

    Way cool!


  4. 4 times a year. Daily use requires replacement at this rate, from my understanding of the technology.


  5. That's really cool finding a brand with his name! I'm like you when it comes to shopping. I seldom buy for myself.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend,

  6. OOOOooooooooooo nice watch! Happy Birthday, Omega!

    Glad you had such a great weekend... well except for the chores on Saturday and the printer fiasco, but sailing sounds nice. I can't wait to go sailing again. It's been years.


  7. sounds like a pretty wonderful weekend to me! there is nothing more wonderful than finding THE gift.


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