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Friday, October 23, 2009

bangs head against the wall

I'm mad... well at myself; sometimes I am a total blonde.  Without getting too personal lets just say I used to bank with a bank that went under and was gobbled up by a bigger bank using TARP money (don't get me started on that).

Today is payday *happy day* so I go to my account to yanno pay bills and transfer money and I can't do it until Monday.  Because my accounts are being moved from the old website to the new one.

Ya, I've gotten emails saying all my banking needed to be done by the 22nd.   After the 22nd NO one can help me.  Ya, I just went back and reread every word.  Funny it still says the same thing yet my comprehension of it has like quadrupled. 

It's really not that big of deal, and my money is still safe somewhere in California which also cracks me up.  With online banking the fact ANY bank considers states to be like foreign countries is just ridiculous.  Seriously if you do business with one of those HUGE banks and you go into a branch say any other state than you happen to live to take money out, shouldn't it just be in the system?  It would if I used an ATM machine.  Yet, it's not.  I get blank looks of people telling me, "I can't find your account."   Those are scary words to tell someone, especially when you're talking about their money.  They look at me and ask did you open your accounts in this state?  No, I did not.  I opened them in California.  *Insert more blank looks*  

"You know, you should really close those accounts and open new ones here, we have someone to help you do that."  

"What the fuck? But it's the same bank."

"Well, yes...technically, but then you would be in our system." 

"But I am in your system, I'm in your system for online banking, I'm in your system for ATMs, I'm in your system, believe me I'm in your fucking system."  

So much for their system and so much for my money.  Well, at least for a few days.

Maybe I'll just take myself back to California then none of this will be a problem. 
--if only it were that easy


  1. Oh Mouse, I hear ya. I am so not a numbers person, i don't know how people (read - the people in charge of that at the companies) keep track of things as complicated as they make them be now - actually, I'm not entirely convinced they do.

  2. Omg! That's horrible! Well I guess its good you have a partner that can help you when this crap happens. Its absolutely ridiculous that banks do that. I've had this happen to me before and had to drive 2 hours just to the original bank in the same state so I could close my account. Stupid...

  3. I really do not relish saying this but I told you so mouse.

  4. I feel your frustration mouse. It appears that your bank is going through a conversion weekend I'm guessing moving things over to new systems etc... I believe they have various accounts assigned to certain states and general regions. I agree that it would be nice to have them pull up your information and be able to assist you without the 3rd degree nightmare. Sorry {{{{{hugs}}}}}}


  5. Oh, my.
    Once again, I am feeling your pain.
    Financial details don't file well in my head. So my life seems to consist of not-always-entirely-successful last-minute scrambles.

    I'll dig up the brownie mix...

  6. Ouch, yeah, I know the feeling. I don't get that about banks either. It's not like that in Australia at all. Doesn't matter where you opened your account... it just follows you wherever you go. If they can do that here, makes me wonder why they can't do it there.



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