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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Dark

The dark days are ahead, the time of the year that seems endless.  I went from wearing to capri pants and short sleeves to pulling sweatshirts and putting more blankets on the bed.  I dug out my throw blankets and put them out.  Even the dog has his own, which he burrows under when he gets really chilly.  I have a fake gas fireplace (I call it fake because its more for looks than to heat anything) and I've been turning it on lately.  Omega shifted around the position of the "wood" inside so it gives off a more realistic look.  

It's the season of hot chocolate, candy, and all too soon, egg nog.  I feel the year slipping away and unable to slow it down, or just make it pause.  Sometimes I wish Omega had the power to tell the world to be still, just for a little while.  To make it last longer, instead seemingly flying by with one day blending into the next.  I find myself more and more saying, I wish this day could last forever, then the next day comes and I find myself saying it again.   Yes, some days I wish to be over quickly, but that's just life I suppose and those are so few anyway.  


  1. My Granny used to say I was wishing my life away. Taking the time to simply enjoy what is happening *now* is not something I have often done, although now, with Padrone, it comes naturally.

    It is wonderful to be in a place, with a person, living a life that is so ... simply good ... that we savor every day and the passing of time means fewer moments left *to* savor. That's what I read in your words, and I hope I wasn't too far off base at least!

  2. Oh my I was just thinking this yesterday. I'm not ready for sweatshirts and socks! We get so little time here of 'nice' weather. *sighs*

    The end of the year is flying close by. It is so hard to remember to enjoy each day, esp when things are in turmoil at times.

  3. Mouse,
    You are so right. I love the 4 seasons here, but their coming and going does mark the passage of time acutely. I keep thinking that, 'after this (insert big happening or deadline)' I will slow down and enjoy and time will slow with me. Never happens though. Enjoy your autumn, it has its own merits.

  4. mouse,

    My personal preoccupation will be over soon.


  5. Well, darlin', time wouldn't be flying if you weren't (basically) having fun!
    Each season has it's own beauty and joys and it's a crying shame not to enjoy them, even if it they have to be savored in small bits.

    (And explain to me again what's wrong with a season of hot CHOCOLATE, CANDY, and even Eggnog?)

  6. Oh please send some of that cold weather this way. It's going into summer here and the summers are sooooooooooo damn hot, I have a hard time with it.

    I know how you feel with wanting to slow things down. Mostly I've been feeling that way with watching Tornado grow these days... it's just going by too fast. I want my baby just a little longer, but she's not a baby anymore. :(

    Maybe things will slow down again soon... or maybe it's just wishful thinking, but one can hope.



  7. We are lucky enough to live in a city that has a full fall and a super busy holiday season before deep winter sets in. It is beautiful time. Then I hibernate until spring :)

    I am trying to appreciate everyday that presents itself, they will never come again.

  8. schiava, smart granny! And you're right!

    Gray, I'm so not ready for it either but it's here and I must just adapt. Sometimes I balk against adapting though.

    greengirl, ya living life will be perfect when I just get passed X. I've heard people say that so many times. I am really learning to find pleasure in EACH day on it's own.

    Not an easy thing for me to learn.

    Omega, I know and I love you.

    Jz, nothing wrong any of those....well except it just feels too soon for Egg Nog.

    spirited, I know what you mean...but each day is something special.

    CD, well said!



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