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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What it all means

I often find myself pondering my relationship with Omega.  Mostly good thoughts about how great it is to be together.  Several people have pointed (both in real life and on my blog), we are opposites, really and truly.  I have moments of anger and frustration just like anyone else has.  I have moments where I want to scream.  But if I were take all those moments and add them up, they would only amount to maybe an hour.   Relationships are work, plain and simple.  They require a certain amount of resolve.  Lately work has been overwhelmingly the winner in our life, and our relationship is strained by the lack of quality time.  And ya, I mean playtime too.  He feels the pressure just as badly as I do (if not more), and I have to understand.  

Last night he took out his favorite belt and used it on my rear, and I cried.  Oh it felt so good to let it out, the anguish I feel, the inability to just make everything perfect, I was able to let go for a brief time.  He knew I needed it, I needed that touch.  That touch always is followed by a loving one, a gentleness I often overlook within these pages.  

Being the leader is never simple, but Omega makes it seem so effortless.   He has an intimidating, almost imposing, appearance in the way he carries himself that most people find themselves wanting his respect.  I suppose I've known Omega for so many years now I know the man behind the curtain.  I know his flaws, the uncertainty he sometimes feels and how incredibly human and non-Oz like, he truly is.  

He's had his share of problems and issues the past few days but he woke today feeling lighter than he has in a while.  It was nice to see him smile again.


  1. That's really great! Made my morning to hear he is feeling better.

  2. Seriously I'm all for the smiles too.


  3. I'm glad Omega is smiling again, and I am glad life gave you a break to reconnect in a way that so many would never understand - but which is one of the best ways to make things right in our worlds!

    I'm glad y'all had a chance to refocus on the two of you. It's hard when life interferes.


  4. lovely post,

  5. I'm glad things are easing up for you guys. It's always hard when things get hectic and stressful like that... and it is amazing how a good belting can ease that. :)

    I'm constantly asking Asha if it gets overwhelming being the dominant one. I suppose from my perspective it would just be too much, but he always tells me that it actually brings him contentment to be in control. I suppose it's the same contentment I feel to give up that control... that's why this works so well I imagine.


  6. You know Mouse, often we just want someone to know us. It is good for Omega to have you, you know him. You see behind the imposing figure to the man inside. His domliness notwithstanding he is a man and as much as they are our refuge we also offer them a soft place to land. You are his soft place, a good soft place.

  7. It's good to hear taht despite the stress you're both facng, he still got out his belt and you let go.
    You appear to have such a wonderful relationship. You're fortunate you found each other.


  8. schiava, thanks I'm happy too. It's really hard when life says no...LOL

    Maryanne Sloan, Thank you.

    Spirited, I'm glad too, I finally feel like that weight is being lifted.

    CD, Beautifully expressed! You really tapped into something.

    FD Sir, Thank you for the compliment!


  9. I always find it so refreshing to be able to find that intimacy with a Dom where he begins drawing the curtain back and revealing the more intimate side of who they are..

    I'm glad to hear that Omega is feeling somewhat better.


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