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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Didn't see that coming

So, yesterday morning Master read my blog post and commented not on the blog but to me personally, he explained in his structured way that since I was feeling so overwhelmed, a day under his micromanagement might be useful.  So, I worked my ass off and got almost everything done on his list, including my regular chores, and work completed.  

I also got a stern lecture on topping from the bottom, which I didn't really mean to do but I have to admit I was hoping for a different reaction to my blog.  Talk about things not going as I thought they would!  I expected that he would say how he understood I was feeling overwhelmed lately and back off the added tasks, however he felt I just wasn't managing my time well enough.

In short I expected Omega the husband to rescue me and instead got Omega the Master. I have to admit it could have been worse but, he was kinda amused by it all.  I think he really enjoyed seeing me squirm a little too.  Of course the barrage of emails most containing a single phrase, seemed to help, also I was to email him when I completed something.  

Basically he helped to keep me on schedule and I was rather surprised with how much I did accomplish.  

Mouse movie night was preempted by the World Series (what world?).  I'm hoping this whole thing will be over by next Wednesday.   

However after he was in a terrible mood and took it out on my ass giving me a thorough whipping.  I cried, shivered, shook and begged for mercy, but just beyond those early  tears;  soon was jettisoned to subspace and quiet bliss.  Then he paused let me come down just a little before resuming.  After he was breathing heavy, and used me hard, making me feel warm and oh so loved.

Wrapped in his arms, blissfully lost in thoughts of him and counted my blessings.  


  1. Glad you got that settled *smiles*

    Its glad to see that, as always, He takes care of you.

  2. there is an old saying that you should be careful what you ask for because you might get it. Although I really think things worked out the way you wanted them to.

  3. Wow... I think I'm a bit shocked too, but at the same time not? I'm really confused today... don't ask. LOL

    I'm just glad things worked out even if it's not what you expected.



  4. Being taken in hand and forced to work at our best, then "rewarded" for it in the only way folks like us understand...i can think of nothing better, except probably some sympathy and relaxed expectations of course!

    *hugs* Glad things worked out!

  5. That would be an "all's well that ends well" then. :-)

    Glad it ended with warm and fuzzies...

  6. I have so many days where I feel overwhelmed with things and can't accomplish a dang one of them. I liked Omega's idea to email you them and keep your day moving forward. Your such a lucky slave to get your bottomed all warmed, visit subspace, and get used hard!!

    Big Hugs,

  7. Kitty--Thanks

    J, Sir--I'm accepting it...

    spirited--ya, I feel the same.

    schiava--Yup....I have to agree with that but I was still a little shocked.

    Jz--my end is still warm! LoL

    CK--you're very right...I'm very lucky...


  8. Simply lovely, and a good result despite your initial hopes. I absolutely understand why the idea of being micro-managed and 'organized' to the nth degree by someone determined, 'ahem', that you are successful could have been a bit disconcerting. Alls well that ends well.


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