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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Got a little sleep

It was better than last night at least a little better.  I didn't hit the snooze button nearly as much.  Though the music was very swimmy sounding and didn't help my getting out of bed efforts much.  Not to mention Master was in a snuggling mood.  I got out of bed and started my morning routine when I suddenly paused and thought about how lucky I am.  Really I'm lucky.  

Our dynamic is based on a basic understanding of trust, consent, and responsibility.  Without any one of those our relationship would completely fall apart.  The final ingredient is balance, because too much of anything, drama, angst, can bring you down; but immersing yourself too deeply into your lifestyle can be just as harsh.  Everything in moderation.  That includes being a slave or dom.   I know, I am in slave mode most of the time, but I also have to function in society. In my job those two are not mutually exclusive.  I know some people want to make it sound hard, or complex but I don't think it should be.  It should only be what you do.  When it is with the right person it should be fairly simple.  Just because it's simple doesn't mean it can't hurt, or make you sad once in a while but if you add those up, it shouldn't amount to much either.   

That's why we make the choices we make, the decisions, and along the way we count our blessings instead of sheep and it helps us sleep.  


  1. You are so right about balance. And that is such a hard thing to find and maintain at times. I'm so happy for you.:)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. For me, I don't have to separate being a slave, being a mom, being a writer, etc. I can just be all of them at once. A lot of people talk about switching to "slave mode" or whatever. I suppose I did that at first too, but once you find that balance, there is nothing to switch to. It just you.

    I didn't think this kind of balance was possible, which is why I felt I couldn't be his slave when Tornado was born. I felt like I could only be a slave or a mom... one or the other, but not both. How wrong I was...

    I'm so happy for the two of you that you have found this balance. I think it's truly the source of contentment.



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