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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I need to get to bed earlier

Seriously so in bed after midnight and up at 5 (well 5:30 since I kept hitting the damn snooze button).  Had to take a shower and get dressed, ready for work this morning.    I'll post something more blogworthy later on.  

I've been thinking about people leaving the blogging world, and how tenuous it is, yet these blogs I read become woven into my daily life it seems, old favorites, new favorites and wonder who will be next to depart?  It won't be me anytime soon if Master has anything to say about it.  

For some reason Omega likes my blathering and I'm really not sure why.  

I'm tired and expecting a very boring day at work, with little to keep me amused and awake except tetris and ms pacman on my cell phone, which I don't play because I have this horrible tendency to yell at the phone.  Seriously the dog gives me odd looks anytime I've tried to play.  Next thing, I'm yelling and he's jumping around wondering what all the excitement is about.  

He's been in guard dog mode lately, barking constantly at everything that happens to pass my house.  Then he wants to go outside and check the perimeter of the house.  He's also been more hungry than usual, but that could be the whole fall thing and thinking he needs to put on weight or something for winter.  Who knows?  I think animals do that?  I had a cat that thought winter would start everyday and always ate a lot.  Somehow she was also quite convinced she was not the fat thing she really was but slender as  reed.  She would try to weave in and out of delicate things (it was a wonder she could get her fat ass up onto the mantle) of course, sending everything crashing to the floor.   That said when someone was ill, she was in heaven, because it that meant to her, endless hours of being lazy and napping snuggled close to someone warm. As much as I hate to admit it, but when she got ill, I did return the favor to her. 

I'll maybe update later...


  1. That is how most of my nights are. I get to sleep anywhere from 11:30 to 1 and get up around 6. Except for about every 5th day, I pass out way early to make up for it. *laughs*

    I think everyone has cycles about blogging. I know right now my life is so crazy that I can't think straight enough to write something. I'm on hold in so many aspects.

    I'm glad to hear you aren't going anywhere. I need my mouse fix each day!:)

  2. I've also noticed a few bloggers lately taking time off or simply not blogging any longer. Some I didn't know very well, and one in particular I will miss. It's kind of sad, but life happens, and I understand it but it's still sad.

    Omega isn't the only one who likes to read what you say, though! And I'm not going anywhere either - Padrone likes my thoughts too, go figure!

    Omega should text you naughty things to keep you awake at work, btw!

    Or you text them to HIM - hehehe.

  3. *giggles* I look forward to your blogs everyday and you almost always make me laugh or smile.

    Thank you. And thank you Omega for keeping her in the blogging world.

  4. Those bloggers who disappear and don't tell why are the strangest ones. A whole lot could have happened. Then sometimes they suddenly disappear. Blogworld is quite different from the real world, and I think we should all concentrate on having real friends who we can see and touch and spank.

    Oooh, did I say that?

    Also, as far as sleep goes, my advice to you is GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. The less you sleep, the more lilely you are to be mush-headed.

  5. Mouse - I have grown quite attached to a few blogs/bloggers and the nature of online relationships makes it tricky sometimes. Someone can stop blogging or just leave all together and that is it. It's not like a friend in real life where you can call or see them. I laughed when I read Dom Tom's comment, it has crossed my mind that how would you all know if I died or something?

  6. OMG... I know how you feel. I went to bed at 1am, didn't fall asleep until after 2am and then Tornado had me up at 4am because she wanted to watch TV. :-O She's just fallen asleep again, though, so I might join her in dreamland.

    Asha seems to like what I write too, go figure. He's not much into blogging and stuff, but when I write something he's reading it as soon as it's posted most of the time. I think they just want to know what's going on in our heads when we think they're not looking. LOL


  7. damn bloggers leaving all the time...who do they think are??? mind

  8. I want to keep hitting the snooze button as well. LOL. And it's great that you "blather" as you call it...I'm sure that I am not the only one that likes it.

  9. Gray, ya it's not easy right now to get any decent sleep..Not sure why...True about the cycles and ya...not allowed to go way...

    schiava I agree it is a little sad, but like you I do understand it. Go figure on our Masters liking our thoughts...who knew? LOL make me smile

    Tom, LOL and ya mush-headed...that's me...

    Ally, I know I would worry if some of my blog friends just suddenly vanished without a word goodbye.

    Spirited one...oh ya...sleep is a wonderful thing if you can get it.

    J, Sir...yup...

    PinkPoppit (love the name) Welcome and ya, it's only going to get harder as it gets colder in the house in the morning.


  10. I wish bloggers who have to leave would at least say goodbye. It's always frustrating to have a blog diaappear without explanation after you start enjoying it. Or one going private without leaving a way to ask to be give access to it.


  11. I'm always guilty of lacking in the sleep category. I am a poor sleeper over the years from on-call support and my divorce. I'm hoping that a nice shower and cup of Starbucks will get my butt in gear this morning.

    I've never played games using my cell. I will have to look and see if mine has those options : )

    Big Hugs,

  12. FD Sir, I completely agree.

    CK, yup....Omega's phone doesn't have any games and I was surprised that mine did...I found them completely on accident. Just like the games I found on my ipod nano.



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