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Monday, November 2, 2009

I always forget

What its like that first early morning after the time change,  I really thought it would be lighter outside by now than it is.  Yesterday, my timing was really off, as I continued to check my watch, thinking it must be later than it was.  I personally wish they would just leave the time alone.  While we're at it, let's eliminate time zones too, I'm tired of seeing "live" stuff three hours after it's already aired.  

Just time for a quickie...I'll be back later to post more on the weekend after I've really shook the fuzzies from my brain.


  1. Wow... it's not often I get to be one of the first commenters on your blog. Of course, it's not often I'm up at 3am either. I really could do without the time zones too. Luckily, though, I live in an area that doesn't do the daylight savings crap. It's kinda nice for a change.

    Hope you're having a good morning, and getting the fuzzies out of your brain.


  2. We don't change the time where I live but as for time zones I like them, it would be weird for breakfast to be at 1 pm. Or were you thinking we here in North America would get the time synced to the sun and screw the rest?

  3. I don't mind the fall time change. But when the spring comes around, don't plan on hearing anything coherent from me for several days.
    (And, yes, the first person to say, "and that would be different from now HOW, again?" will be officially known as "brat!" for at least one week...)

  4. I was messed up all day yesterday too though by last night I was thankful some of the clocks at the hotel hadn't been changed. ;)


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