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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Master's been off lately, maybe out of his own balance, but off center.  I know we all get this way from time to time, and I'm actually glad to see that Master is no exception to that.   He normally handles everything so well; I often confuse him with Superman.  It's nice in someways, distressing in others, to see someone you love go through something and to feel helpless that you can't help them.  While at the same time I feel kinda privileged that he feels so comfortable around me to show me this other side of him. 

     Dear Master,

     I know your mood's been funky lately but I wanted you know how much I appreciate you and how much I love and care for you.  Like when you said you held little doubt that I would get over my past and become your perfection, I have little doubts that you'll come back to being the man I know and cherish once all the added tension and stress is over.

     I only wish you would let me in more and let me help you through this.  Until then I will work extra hard not to disappoint you and cause you additional stress.



  1. Awww... it is always hard when the one you care about most is not happy. I hope he finds his center soon.

    If you think you were holding your breath while reading it, just imagine how much I was during it. What a weekend.. *headrush* :)

  2. mouse,

    I wish I could allow you into my mind more than you already are, however that is impossible. I cannot and shall not drag you down this path.


  3. ouch. it is difficult indeed to be on the outside looking in ... and yet it is good and reassuring (oddly) to see the human fallibility too.

  4. What strange lives we lead. Somehow it seems like life shuold be much simpler than it is. We seem to torture ourselves and follow twisted tortuous paths that often lead to nowhere. But then again, that is also waht makes us such fascinating creatures. Hang in there, and remember the journey is what counts. Life is short, try to appreciate every day as much as you can!

  5. *hugs* I'm glad you are so supportive of your Master. Its a wonderful thing and He is very blessed to have such a wonderful slave.


  6. That's a beautiful note!


  7. Master,

    You have always been my flashlight through the darkness. Should you need me, I can shine just as bright.


  8. Maybe stand still and be his beacon back?


  9. Jz, your comment made cry!

    Thank you!

  10. Mouse: Let's hope he realizes that if he opens up to you, he wouldn't be dragging you down a path, he would be just sharing with you and make it easier for you to give him TLC.

    Unfortunately, men, even Masters, often have a difficult time opening up and sharing what they're going through.

    But I'm sure your deep love for him will make it easier for both of you to get through this. Just keep letting him know you are there for him and always will be.


  11. Truly, it is the nature of a Master to not open up and share what they're going through. Why? because we tend to carry the world on our shoulders. Ny nature we are independent, strong-willed, caring and driven. We are problem solvers. And we do it not just for ourselves but for others including our property which we value most affectionately. And I dont beleive you would like us any other way. p.s.-you sound like a wonderful slave to your Master.


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