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Monday, November 16, 2009

Should of seen that coming

I've got holiday brain thinking and planning for Thanksgiving--just thinking mind you.  Thinking about the menu, where people will sit, what dishes I will use (yes I'm a nut with options in that department).  Then I checked my calendar and noticed something kinda important.  Thanksgiving is like next week!  Now this kinda shocks me because, well I'm kinda oblivious, and with the stores carrying all that Christmas crap already, I really didn't stop and think about it.

I need to get down and really plan a menu!  Holy crap!  I need to thoroughly clean this house, and wash the dog.  Master's brother and sister in law will have to spend the night, so I'll have to fix up the guest room.  And plan to feed them breakfast after heading out for black Friday shopping.  And I have a full work week this week, which kinda suddenly adds to my stress.  

Of course all this is kinda lost on Omega, who thinks making a turkey is just simple and I gotta admit I do make it harder than it probably should be.  I brine the turkey first.  

Okay, this is not the time to panic, but instead to think and consider my options.  We could just order Chinese food?  No...

I'll have to buy the bird in the next few days, everything else will have to wait, but just not too long.


  1. no panic mouse! Just makes LISTS ... LISTS are wonderful things - and plan out your week realistically! our thanksgiving was quite a few weeks ago and I sat down 16 so I know it is stressful and WAY WAY more work than anyone realizes! but its FUN - don't forget the part of it where it is wonderful to have everyone together!

    I'll be celebrating American thanksgiving too! I'm heading wiht my kids to Pa to spend it with my sister!

  2. Ya, doing Omega proud and just making up a list of everything I need...taking it one by one....

    Yay you get to do it twice!


  3. It is a sneaky little holiday, isn't it? I've actually had to start haranguing my family members. "I don't care what you decide to do, could you just TELL me, so I can plan what I'm doing???"

    (I don't recall getting selkie's invitation to join them for Thanksgiving, do you? Musta got lost in the mail...) ;-)

  4. OMG... you have no idea how much I miss Thanksgiving with my family. It's probably my second favorite holiday (to Halloween) simply because it involves food. LOL

    No seriously. I just love any excuse for family and good friends to come together and express how thankful they are for everything in their lives.

    I do a small thanksgiving dinner out here for us. Sometimes we have have friends over... we'll be having a friend here this year, so that will be fun.

    Have you ever made barley stuffing? It's absolutely incredible. You basically make it the same way you would make regular stuffing, but instead of bread you use barley. If you think you wanna give it a try and want the recipe, let me know... I'll email it to you!

  5. Hi Mousie, just do what Selkie said,,,,lol,,,and try to enjoy yourself. Push comes to shove, hire a service to come in and clean and prep the rooms for you. Also, to clean and prep the dishes you decide to use (I get the feeling you are one of those wash dished before and after the special-event kind of people). I will be in the hospital, but no worries :) I can't be the only one who looks on illness as a weight-loss opportunity :) Don't forget to cany some yams for me :)


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