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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday #3

As usual I have a lot to be thankful for.  Naturally, I'm thankful for my Master being in my life.  I really am.  

I am thankful to the people I've followed who are still blogging, and to those that aren't and took the time to explain why I'm thankful to them for all I have learned or enjoyed about their blogs.  I'm sad though for the ones that didn't take the time to explain their departure but I have to believe they have their reasons and I respect that.  I just worry about them and will miss them and I hope they will come back to my blog or drop me an email to let me know they are okay (yes Gray I am talking to you).  

I am thankful for many things most are silly and not worth even bringing up but I'm still thankful for them all.  

Thanks for reading!  


  1. *little smile* I'm sorry mouse. Things got a bit rough around here and I had to pull the blog for a little bit. But with a few adjustments I am back. I too am thankful for the friends I've made along this journey of mine. Happy Thankful Thursday.

  2. Mouse, your's is one of the ones i am thankful for. Literally, my life would have not come this direction, and this direction has been good for us. So - thank you.

    BTW - I think Gray is back

  3. Oh Gray, I figured you had your reasons but when blogs suddenly disappear (especially well written ones) I get sad and worry what happened--I'm sure like everyone does.

    I like to think of us as a little community and if someone just leaves in the middle of the night, you ask why.

    I couldn't be happier that you're back! I just wanna pounce you!


  4. i'm thankful for the wonderful friend you are to me. Thank you, for sticking with me and being there to make me laugh and smile when I need it most. I'm so thankful to have a good friend like you in my life!


  5. kitty...I'm thankful for you too. took me a while to sift through the silly things and focus on the ones most important.


  6. I'm with gg... I'm very truly thankful for your blog. After all it's what made me realize what I needed to do to feel content in my relationship with Asha again. I don't know if I ever would have resubmitted to him if I hadn't come across your blog.

    I'm also very thankful for the other blogs I've found through yours. I've learned so much about myself and this lifestyle in just a few short months. It's been incredible! :-D

    Happy Thankful Thursday!



  7. I am thankful for you as well mouse.

  8. waves HI still here a lurker now.


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