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Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Omega tells me that we make plans and god laughs.  I alluded to a weekend away, Omega upon hearing it put the kibosh on it almost right away.  He appreciated my efforts but felt this was not the weekend to sneak away.  And he was right, Saturday morning the rain started falling and every sewer in the city became clogged and overwhelmed with all that pretty fall foliage.  Streets quickly overcome became like small rivers making driving difficult and walking fine with a wet suit.  My street is the worse when the rains pound.  We ended up filling sandbags and putting them around the front door.  

Yes, a mouse bunker.  

Needless to say our plans didn't go as planned, but the weekend though rather homebound was nice.  I made a stew for dinner last night, and we drank plenty of wine.  We spent most of the day watching the Godfather movies, including 6 hours of behind the scenes stuff (k, I gotta a little bored during that but Master was happy).  I gave him a nice long back rub too before he fell asleep, which I think he enjoyed.  

Not the weekend I had planned but a good weekend nonetheless.  As far as Master's mood, I would say it's improved somewhat; he was in a horrible funk still on Saturday but then Sunday his mood started to lift a little.  This morning he seemed less edgy, and more himself (though he did his share of grumbling that the kitchen was still kinda messy from last night's dinner).  I'm hoping that soon we can get back to our routine of play and maintenance soon.   I never really thought I'd say I'd miss the belt but I do.  There are so many things about him I miss since he's been in this funk, but I know my Master is trying to come back to me.  Maybe the wall he built around himself isn't so thick that I can't wriggle through.  


  1. I'm glad you two had a good weekend in spite of the weather.

  2. keep trying mouse

  3. Not sure if you need to wriggle through or he needs to climb over the top but whichever way, hang tight. Your being there is his best incentive to return. (And he will. Crap just takes time. Sucky, but true.)


  4. Don't forget... a mouse can fit through the smallest places. You'll find a way in. ;)

    Glad you guys had a good weekend. Sounds nice and relaxing. And MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm stew... one of my favorite foods. I'm suddenly very very hungry.

    And yes... I know exactly what you mean about missing the belt even though you don't like it. So here's hoping he abuses your bum with it soon.



  5. Mouse - you're better than i for going along with changed plans. You two will grow into each other, if everything were transparent already, there would be nothing to learn or discover about each other, or each of you about yourselves.

  6. OMG Gray where did your blog go???????

    I'm speechless....

    I need my in between place.....


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