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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not a creature was stirring...

The dog and I were dead to the world when Master got home late last night.  I don't think he minds so very much being on his own at times.  I did however, feel him climb into bed and slip between the sheets, instinctively I reached for him and this time my efforts were not thwarted.  He gathered me up into his arms and pulled me close.  I was in a period of twilight, not really awake, but not full asleep either.  I felt his breath on my neck, and his lips graze the slope.  Unconsciously I shivered and turned my head searching his lips.  We kissed tenderly at first, and then with more passion, a passion I hadn't felt in a while from him.  It was mutual and very hot, as I felt his weight climbing on top of me, and forcing himself inside me with a soft moan escaped my lips.  We moved together in concert, our bodies at first doing a slow grind but soon filled with lust, started crashing.  We shook and trembled as our bodies collided and our souls screamed into the silence of the cool night.  

Gasping and thrusting we slowed our momentum and slowly stopped, remaining joined our bodies not yet willing to let go.  Our breath hanging heavy in the stillness of the room, until the moment where out bodies trembled and I felt him explode inside me.  I closed my eyes inhaling sharply the scent of our bodies lingering.  

This was a moment to be savored and not quickly forgotten.

He moved himself off of me, and held my body close to his, as I whispered how badly he'd been missed by me.  He only said he understood but kissed my forehead in a very reassuring way. 

I held onto him throughout the remaining night, and in the morning vaguely aware of the alarm, was hesitant to leave his side.  What if the sweet bliss I felt the night (or early morning) had diminished somehow and was forgotten by him? What if he pushed me away again?  Could I handle it?  

In that moment, I felt his hand caressing me and a firm swat on my rear with a familiar voice saying, "don't forget."  I scrambled at once under the covers and took him deeply inside my mouth working him from the base to tip and him undulating under me, finally grabbing my head and guiding me up and down his length.  After completing himself, he then pulled me up for a quick kiss on the forehead, and a familiar swat on the rear saying, "Better hurry mouse, I want coffee and the newspaper before I shower for work.  Hurry now mouse, don't keep me waiting..." 

"Yes Master."  Was all I could reply as I scurried out of the room.  

When I carried in his coffee and paper, he thanked me for being so patient with him, and told me he was aware that he's neglected me lately and that I should be prepared for a course correction tonight.


  1. I'm glad for you. reconnection is crucial...

  2. Hot damn! That was certainly a yummy post. I'm going to have a hard time focusing to accomplish any work this morning after that read ;-)


  3. Mouse, I see things are working out nicely for you too! Yay!

  4. YAY!!!! *hugs* Have fun tonight!


  5. Awwwwww. This made me smile. How sweet it is!

  6. Big hugs for you.



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