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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Everything is Beautiful

O returned the evening before Christmas Eve to a lot of fan-fair certainly we were all glad to see him, including the dog.  It also gave him a night to relax before the Christmas Eve festivities. 

Christmas Eve was quiet, we watched It's a Wonderful Life and later O read a book his mom, worked on some needle point, and his dad and I did shots of Tequila!  From what I gather it was kinda typical.  Bing Crosby on the Ipod, and fire in the was peaceful, well until...

See, I have all this kitchy Christmas junk one is a Santa that dances to the Santa Claus is Coming to Town song.  At one point I was feeling kinda antsy and was tidying up, and accidentally hit the button making it dance and sing.  It broke the quiet like a fart in church.

O looked up from his book, clearly his consentration broken, and stared at me.  I nervously grabbed the thing looking for an off switch, seriously, I had no idea the thing even had batteries in it.  When I found none, I started to try to take out the batteries--which brings me to another point...does everything need a freaking screw in it???  I know it's a kids choking hazard but really what's wrong with good old fashioned parental supervision?  Clearly the thing isn't really a's the devil.  

It wouldn't stop, and soon O feeling my mounting frustration, just watched me as I frantically tried to find an off switch, or whatever, then just as it a move that would make Jerry Lewis smile...I accidentally pushed the button again.  Now the dog was barking.  So, I did the only thing I could, I took the thing and tossed it quickly into the garage.  Okay it hit the wall, and did this funky John Belushi guitar breaking thing in Animal House....but it was at last quiet.    

Omega, just tilted his head to one side and asked, "Problem mouse?" 

I nervously chuckled, "sorry."  

Laughter erupted around me, even my father in law asleep in his tequila induced coma, woke and my mother-in-law recounted the tale.  

Why do I have a feeling this story will carry on long passed that day?  

What would they do without me to provide countless hours of entertainment?


  1. *snicker*
    I can just see Omega sitting there, keeping a straight face, biding his time as you get increasingly flustered, waiting for just the right moment...

    (And, just so you know, even if they let you live it down, I'll probably mention it once or twice myself...)

  2. LMAO... that's too cute! But you know... what would the holidays be without tales like that to recount?

    Glad everything is... well... semi-peaceful. ;)



  3. That is exactly something that would happen to me mouse, I promise you. *laughs*

  4. Mouse: Thanks for leaving holiday wishes on my site and I enjoyed your holiday story. Yes, I can imagine telling that story will become a holiday tradition. But that is what makes holidays memorable.



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