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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mixed Bag

Today's post is a mixed bag of random stuff so just to make it a bit more interesting (stave off boredom) I'm going to do it in bullets.  
  • I hate with a passion cleaning the bathrooms.  I don't understand how the toilets get so dirty, and I'm not talking the inside where it makes sense.  I'm talking the outside.  
  • I did get all my chores done, including one extra or bonus chore that was actually on O's list for sometime...Yay me!  
  • I had a great meeting at work today!  My team rocks. 
  • I only got 5.5 hours of sleep last night and even between my chores had a little time for a nap!  
  • I woke up from nap in a panic thinking it was three hours later than it really was.  
  • Last night, O told me to "be still."  And I was.  I cleared my mind.  
  • I have resolved to quit smoking (very soon).  
  • I think I got some pretty good exercise today, without using the treadmill (lots of times up and down the stairs).
  • I joined twitter with O's blessing!  
  • O thanked me for the way I woke him up this morning ;-)
  • I love my Master!  
  • Oh, the big news...The therapist has said that maybe it's okay to try a little maintenance on me.  Maybe that's why I feel so relaxed today, and it also explains the little sleep last night.  Honestly, I don't know how O does it.  
  • I feel very centered today.  Dare I say, "happy?"  
  • Not looking forward tho, for tomorrow.  Lots of meetings.  
I'll see everyone tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have a more normal post tomorrow.


  1. I was thinking of being a wiseass and doing a bulleted comment, but they don't have a bullet tag for the comments. Oh well... I suppose I can use the * but I'll behave LOL

    I agree about the bathroom thing... I don't get it either. I think it's the guys though... seriously... they can't aim (unless they're getting pleasure out of it).

    YAY on the chores. Always feels good when they get done doesn't it?

    You'll have to teach me this being still thing... it's a very foreign concept for me. LMAO... you should see me try and meditate... I can't sit still for beans. And quieting my mind... OMG is that a task... that's why I need a mantra.

    And WOO HOO on the maintenance! I'm very happy for your soon to be sore bottom. LOL



  2. mouse- with the exception of the first and last items that sounds like a very happy list, wishing you luck with the quitting smoking :)

  3. mouse that may be the most normal post you have put for quite some time. As for cleaning the toilets... I will check with the house keeper but I am pretty sure she just takes it as part of her job.

  4. One of my goals for the year is to practice being still. I don't know if I will succeed but the effort will be appreciated.

  5. It makes me happy to hear such an upbeat post from you! Yay! I hope things continue feeling positive for you. We all need a break from the "downers" life can bring! And I totally relate on the bathroom thing... I have 3 sons... UGH!

  6. nice post. thanks.

  7. mouse
    Oh my goodness how did I not know you were a smoker? I never would have thought. Have you since quit? Will I discover that somewhere in a future post?



    oh ps. I enjoy cleaning, even the bathroom. I find it to be my therapy.


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