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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A good day

Not a great or perfect day but a good one.  Had a few meetings today, one lasting two hours (that was a tough one).   I'm just sort of taking in everything that was said.  Like I said it wasn't bad, just not great either.  Just a draining day.  When I got home O wasn't here so I was able to relax and make a soup for dinner, but somehow that didn't help me to relax.  Wine helped.  LOL

O got home and I filled him in on the days events and listened to his recount of the day.  We both had, it seems rather trying days but different.  He's loving his new job.  Tomorrow I'm home, and supposed to clean up for the weekend.  He also told me that he'd fix several things around the house that need repairing (nothing very exciting there).  

Now, we're just going to settle down and watch TV together.  Later he promises me a hard ass whipping followed by a bath.  

Is it wrong to say I can't wait?  

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  1. *hugs* It's not wrong at all. I couldn't wait for mine either... and I feel so much better now. I know you will too.



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