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Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling contained

Last night I was for lack of better word, beaten shamelessly by Omega and it hurt so good.  I slipped quietly into a subspace as he worked away.  I was aware of the pain but have no idea what he was doing.  I know he started with his favorite leather strap, and moved to a crop, and from there, I haven't a clue.  My backside hurts tho today big time and each time I move or sit, or just about anything, I'm reminded of my Master's love.  It sounds so contradictory but that's how I feel.  Contained and loved.  

Mostly, contained.  

I think it's safe to say that O really likes me when I'm like this, feeling very quiet and soft, almost gentle, which is not a word normally used to describe me.  The truth is I like being this way, and feeling like this.  Not broken, but instead free.  That's something that seems so contradictory, free and slave.  And yet I feel both so clearly.  Omega is amused with me tonight.  He even almost chuckled as I ran around the kitchen preparing dinner, setting the table.  

The truth is we've been feeling so good this past week, as if the world has melted away from us, and the pressure is off.  Normally, when I get to feeling this way, I start worrying about when the shoe will drop.  Or when something bad will happen but this time, I'm thinking more about when that happens I can deal with it, because I have him in my life and I feel so loved by him. 

I feel calm in my containment.  Still.  

I must remember to thank him properly.  


  1. Mouse: How nice that you've reached such a state of contentment after such a good spanking. Hope you savor the feeling.


  2. So wonderful to feel so right after feeling out of "whack" for so long, isn't it?


  3. You describe this so beautifully.

  4. *hugs* I am so happy for you two!:)

  5. mouse,
    I relish in the sensation of being contained. Isn't it just wonderful?



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