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Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning blues

Weekends just blast past way too fast...hey...that rhymes.  How nearly poetic of me.   The weekend was kinda dull without any excitement at all, not thats a bad thing but just a little too dull tho.  I guess it's because of the holidays and being oh so busy each week it seemed and now nothing to do.  On Saturday O spent the night watching Band of Brothers (ya fun for me) and then was too tired for anything afterward, but more than made up for it, Sunday night.  

When O went to rehab I was tidying up the bedroom and came across the clover clamps.  I looked at them for a minute and shoved them into a drawer and honestly forgot all about them.  O, while looking for something else, found them on Saturday and kinda mused to himself about why they were there and not in the "toy box," while I just kinda shrugged.  I did tell him later, but still he had a point about not returning them to their proper place.  

Sunday night they were added to my torture.  I don't know how long they were on for, but they ached, and the tugging from him, tho occasional sent me into fits of tears.  The paddling turned out to be a welcome distraction.  Eventually I floated.  I dunno where, or how, but when I next opened my eyes, the gag was out of my mouth, the clamps were off and I was in his arms.  He just kinda looked at me and said, "welcome back."  

I just snuggled against him, listening to the sound of his heart beating and drifted again to sleep.  

Not sure why I woke so early this morning.  I'd love to say I'm in a great mood but I'm not.  

But that will pass once dinner is prepared and the wine is opened.  


  1. Wow... sounds like you had a really intense experience. Sorry to hear you're not in the best of moods.

    I woke early too today... although, it was a four year old terror who thinks that just because the sun is coming up at 4:30am that it's a good time to get up and play.

    Hope you get more sleep tonight. *hugs*


  2. Sometimes ttwd does hurt, (clover clamps, tugging, omgggg) good thing the sound of his heart beat was there,,,


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