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Friday, January 29, 2010

My ass hurts

Today, before breakfast O decided I should start the day off right with an ass whipping.   I was sure that I was bleeding all over my bed but I wasn't.    He had me do something different tho, this time he had me kiss each implement before and after he used them.  Honestly I would have kissed a frog because once the crop made an appearance I was far off in subspace.

My body was writhing as wave after wave of spasm seemed to wash over me.  It felt sooooo good!   

After he was finished torturing me, he got up from the bed, and took his shower.  I really couldn't move, and just stared at the ceiling for the longest time.  I did finally get up and got his shaving things ready, and put the toothpaste on his toothbrush (yes, my Master is very pampered) before heading downstairs to fix his breakfast.  I was wearing my bathrobe and cooking his oatmeal when he came downstairs, dressed for his day.  He gave my rear a firm swat and I saw stars.  

I ran all my errands and stuck to my shopping list at Target.  Maybe he should do this each morning I need to shop?  I gotta say, there are worst ways to the start the day.


  1. LMAO... so much for him not knowing what he was doing sending you off shopping like that, huh? Lucky you, though. I'm so in need of maintenance right now. I'm officially jealous.

    Oh... and I put Asha's toothpaste on his toothbrush too. Hehe... what spoiled Masters we have. I even trim his beard and mustache for him (he rarely shaves).

    Glad it helped keep you on track for the shopping though. :-D



  2. Great blog and I look forward to following it. Your descriptions are very sexy.

  3. mouse that sounds wonderful!!! I so could use a morning routine just like that!


  4. That sounds like sucha a lovely morning :)

    And how sweetly torturous of O to keep swatting you afterwords in the kitchen, etc.

    It is a wonder you could put clothes on to shop after all of that attention. I would have been unable to think of extra stuff to buy at Target either. All of my attention would be on my bottom.



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