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Monday, February 1, 2010


After a terrific weekend, I feel like I'm a day behind or something.  Seriously, I feel everything today is just taking longer than it should except getting to Monday.  I balanced the checkbook and it took an hour.  Should have 30 seconds.  Normally it just means looking at the amount the bank says we have and comparing it to our record.  Not this time...and yes my bad.  I bought somethings that I forgot to write down. 

I did laundry but forgot to stick the stuff into the dryer, well actually I did remember but not until I was already home from work for an hour or more.  I cleaned and vacuumed tho and couldn't find my stair attachment.  

Thankfully, I got most of my shit together by the time O came home from work.  I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a productive, and at the very least a better organized day. 

As I started to say the weekend seemed to just fly passed.  It's a wonder I had time to catch my breath.  O and I went out for a wonderful dinner together on Saturday night, a place that Lucy and Schroeder recommended.  Not normally O's kind of place but if the seafood is good then he's good.  Sunday I met my girlfriends for brunch.  It was ok.  They bitched about their lives, their husbands, their pets, and their jobs.  I had no complaints, but just listened and drank several sloe gin fizzes.  After we walked around and window shopped in the downtown area.  That part I didn't mind. 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! I am jealous, I spent all of mine working. *laughs*

  2. Mouse - i hope you can forgive me for this - but I can't resist. So you felt like a mouse on an exercise wheel? I hate days like that - I hope the rest of your week is more forward type movement.

  3. Sounds like you had fun... well besides listening to your friends bitch about their husbands and stuff. I just played games most of the weekend since it rained, but I certainly wasn't going to complain about that. :-D



  4. gg....LMAO...

    That's exactly how I felt.


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