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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Wednesday

Tuesday...not much to say about it, just that it's not Monday.  It doesn't have same vibe of say Wednesday, hump day.  I guess Tuesday is a day to be grateful that we all survived Monday (unless of course Monday is a holiday then know).  I know I am.  I found my stair attachment, hmm, it was in the living room.   I cleaned up the bathrooms before leaving for work today.  Ya, I can feel the excitement building with that one.  Washed some clothes.  The only good news was a co-worker of mine did not see her shadow (she was born on Groundhog day), so I'm hoping winter is over.  

Got some morning maintenance from O.  Drove to work.  Oh ya, the maintenance, with his leather strap.  He had me crying, begging and pleading before I felt the first whack.  I dunno, I just didn't want it.  But he knew better, and could see that I needed it.  By the time he was done, I was calm, almost relaxed.  I find it almost scary that I'm not having the winter blues like I normally would this time of the year. In fact I'm calm most of the time.   Later, I cooked up a storm, made soup for later in the week, and pasta.  I was exhausted by around 10:30 and just went to bed, I know I was asleep by 11.  

Wednesday night we had veal cutlets.  I was home for a while doing some housework, cleaning bathrooms and other boring stuff.   Worked after that.  Blah blah...I dunno just repeat everything I wrote about Tuesday and put it in for Wednesday.  Tonight is mouse movie night, but I don't know what we're watching.  I think I have a movie coming.  Not sure what it is until later tho.  I got home from work, poured a glass of wine with Master's blessing and transformed myself into anti-girl.  Which to me, means sweat pants, a oversized teeshirt, hair pulled up into a pony tail that O loves to pull and no makeup.  

It's a great evening so far!  

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  1. Like your blog.
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