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Friday, February 26, 2010

A great week

Yesterday I blogged about the email I received.  O read it when he got home and fired off a reply to the guy.  He wasn't furious but really annoyed with the whole thing.  He found nothing wrong with what I had written.  It was about my feelings, which my blog was supposed to be.  Had this individual contacted him directly he would have explained that, but instead the guy contacted me.  I think that annoyed O the most.  

We talked about the guy last night as a little pillow talk, and O reminded me that he wants to know all the things I'm feeling.  Especially when the thoughts are contradictory to my slavery.  He worried that I would feel the need to edit myself, and he never wants me to do that again.  I had to thank him...because truthfully deep down, I was thinking maybe I did cross a line in writing my thoughts about O and his smug smirks.  At the end of the day, he reminded me, they were only thoughts.  Normal ones that everyone feels at one time or another.  Omega grew annoyed (I could hear it in his tone), at this man with the "audacity to rebuke," me, his slave.  

He let the matter drop and so did I.  

I had a fantastic week.  I was productive.  Got things accomplished here at home and work related stuff too.  I even made one healthy meal!  Compared to last week, it was a huge improvement.  I think I'm finding my way through each day, and feeling a little better about my choices and decisions.  I also got a letter in the mail from my car dealership, you might recall that I sold my car, and bought a sensible Prius last year.  Well, just as I thought my car is part of the recall, and I should bring it in.   O's been worried about me driving it.  So, he did the logical thing and bought a third car, well this one is a bit bigger, SUV type.  But it's a sweet ride...with heated seats.  That said, I will like it when I get the Prius back, because it's easier to park.  

Well if you'll excuse me now...I need to figure out what to cook for dinner tonight.


Omega said...

I am proud of you.


MagnusCattus said...

Oh Mouse, you're so silly. Those big trucks are a breeze to park. Just find a place where you want to park, ease your front bumper up against the car that's there and pull forward slowly. As the old saying goes, there's always room for one more.......

Omega said...

You must have seen her park at some point.

I prefer techniques which do not cause a rise in my insurance premiums. However her way does have a certain entertainment value.


Gray said...

Of course, when something is wrong with my car I knew I was doing it wrong. I went to get it fixed when I should have just bought a new one! Dang it.. :P

mouse said...


Sure O used safety and other things as the reason...but we all know he just wanted a shiny SUV.