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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad mouse

After yesterdays posting flurry, O said I still owe one for day (really for today, I tried changing the date on the last one but he kinda caught on to that really fast and accused me of cheating).  

I got nuttin.  Seriously nutting to talk about.  Last night we discussed the last two blog posts.  O again told me he was proud of me.  That made me happy because I feel so much better.  We've had no distractions, except for the usual work, family and stuff like that.  

We spent the evening in bed together, with me watching South Park and O reading stuff for work.  I was bored needless to say....mostly because they showed me episodes I'd already seen.

I dropped the remote on the floor, and somehow it bounced kinda under the bed.  So I got out to look for it.  There it was just beyond the fallen hitachi magic wand!  

Oooh noooooose.  

I took it and switched it made noise...OMG it was plugged in...ooooops.  I placed it beside the bed and left it there.  The dog barked.  I grabbed the remote and hopped back into bed.  

Now I gotta say when O is busy reading or immersed in work, he doesn't notice much.  Either he didn't hear it or did a very good job of ignoring the thing and me.  Despite all restless bouncing in bed, and being told three times to be still,  eventually I turned over and fell asleep.  Don't know how many minutes or even hours passed when I felt O snuggling against me.  I heard the wand get turned on....and the next moment I was writhing and moaning just on the verge of total ecstasy.  

Just like that he withdrew it, shut it off and tossed it on the floor.  He murmured now that I could orgasm it was time I learned about withholding it.  There was also something about trying to distract him while he worked.  Oopsie.  Won't be making that mistake again.


Omega said...

Are you saying mouse I am not as easily distracted as yourself? As I recall, the dog not only barked but jumped onto the bed to investigate and sat on my files.

I believe tonight we may have some playtime, perhaps we shall explore this further then.


MagnusCattus said...

If I ever caught my Ladies watching South Park I wouldn't let them cum for a week. I mean EEWWW.

mouse said...


Oh that's right he did do that. I guess he didn't like the sound?

Ooooh playtime!?

mouse hopes Master has a wonderful day!


mouse said...

MC Sir,

South Park is one of those that's really kinda grown on me over the years but if definitely depends on my mood if I find it funny or not.

I also like Family Guy in the same way but LOVE The Simpsons.


Hermione said...

That's so funny - plugged in and lying under the bed. If it were under my bed, it would have been swathed in dust bunny fur.

Your O has great powers of concentration.


Ms Lennoxx said...

Poor Mouse, and it seemed like such an honest mistake. :-)

Generally, I prefer The Simpsons, but South Park can really bypass my cerebral processes and go straight for some pueril humour centre in me that rarely gets tickled otherwise. (And then there is some intelligent humour there as well.)

spirited one said...

Would this be classified as a bad, but good oopsie? Hehehe...



Jz said...

Yeah, despite the very intriguing hitachi wand part, (still but a dream...) I too came away more preoccupied with,"South Park????"

On the other hand, miz mouse, you probably aren't too keen on sumo, are you? :-) Oh, well...

rose said...

funny, i get 'that look' when i accidentally interrupt Master when He's reading... i think you and i have the same (limited) attention span, mouse!

hope you b/Both enjoy the play tonight, if it happens.


mouse said...


Seriously I'm totally surprised it wasn't mummified. And ya, he does!


mouse said...


I think it was honest mistake that is...


mouse said...

spirited one...

depends on who you talk to...(winks)


mouse said...


I got my hitachi like 15 years ago (so not kidding) at Walgreens of all places.

Ya a regular drug store. Got the attachments online.

South Park...I dunno I can't explain it....ever since Chef started singing about his spicy brown balls...


mouse said...


I think so too...


Anonymous said...

Oh mouse, that's funny... not so funny holding off the orgasm :( I'm terrible with denial.


mouse said...


Oh it totally sucked...I was like...huh?

lol and hugs,

Florida Dom said...

Does he keep in denial very often? Does it make you feel more submissive?

Hope you get that playtime tonight. I'm sure you will be ready for it.

I think there's a new South Park tonight parodying Tiger Woods. Never watched the show but this idea seems intriguing.


mouse said...

FD Sir,

No, he doesn't keep me in denial often. This was really the first time he said no and really meant it. I think he wants to explore more of that with me.

O likes South Park too, but I dunno we might pass on something Tiger Woods related.