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Friday, March 19, 2010


When Master is doing those things to torture his mouse, like when she's bound, sometimes gagged, blindfolded and struggling to hear for clues to what might happen next, she flies away.  She feels her body soar, and she is transported to a different realm of reality.  As the pain increases she goes further away, into a soundless world.  She is vulnerable and knows there is nothing she can do to stop it.  If she does speak it comes out like a word salad, everything mixed up and nothing makes sense.  Trust keeps her in that world for as long as Master wishes her to remain.  

The power and responsibility Master must feel when he knows he can do anything he wants.  She is reduced to just being a living puppet and he can pull the strings anyway he wishes.  

Meanwhile she's flying high above her physical body, lost in a realm that is peaceful, shocks of pain reverberate, yanno like turbulence but nothing more  a little quiver.  A reflex, or maybe a twitch is noted but otherwise she is gone.  

Then she feels herself falling, sometimes it's almost a gliding sensation, slowly coming down to earth like a feather.  Other times it feels like she's  plummeting  which can only be described as falling from a plane without a parachute.  She falls and lands hard.  Suddenly she is alert and aware of her surroundings, often with a scream of searing pain.  If Master wishes he can allow her to drift back to the stars but sometimes he wants her to feel what he is doing.   He wants her to feel the pain in it's fullness, he will drive it to be more and more intense.  She will soon buckle under the strain of it all and he knows it. She is breaking apart.  He stops just before that moment.  Her punishment is over and she thanks her Master.  


  1. Dear mouse,

    Wow...I really enjoyed this post! I love the place that you describe (and love going there as well)...

    It's very nearly an out-of-body experience, yet there is always a tether that keeps me bound to the present, to the now, to what Master is doing to me. Yet within that liminal space...bliss. :)

    You describe it to perfection - thanks!

    Baby Girl :)

  2. *hugs* Punishments are never fun, but they do somehow have this way of bringing us back to where we need to be.


  3. baby girl,

    Ya I tried to bring together both sides, the punishment and how that feels, compared to how it normally feels.


  4. spirited,

    Ya no kidding...I think I'm going to write more about it next week. I'm really still processing it all in my mind...I just got blocked.


  5. Dear Mouse,

    The necessity of punishment is most times more devastating to me than Master's punishment. I have found it to be crushing to know I have let Master down. However, your description, your writing of how Master refuses to allow you back into space so that you feel the harshness of his punishment......that strikes an even deeper fear in me. Master has the right to correct my behavior, I expect it, I just hope I do not have to experience it too often.

    Hugs to you,

    Submissive Baby Girl

  6. submissive baby girl,

    I know exactly what you mean I get frustrated that he NEEDS to punish me. I don't want to experience that either very often...But at least this time it was really because of something I did.



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