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Thursday, March 25, 2010

mouse's Journey

It's been quite a ride.  The person called mouse has become so much more balanced and happy in her own skin.  Next month it will be year since I opened this blog and much has changed, not just having O enter my life and becoming his wife, but mouse is different.  The very things that made her are different on the inside.  The slave inside is slowly taking over.  The wanton little slut that writhes and grinds against her Master and begs him for more...always more. 

Yesterday, as with each morning a taste of him wasn't enough...she again needed to crawl inside his body.  It's been that way now for weeks really, in fact she can't remember now how long it's been.  That night the slave inside was itchy for her Master's touch, and he did not disappoint her.  He fucked her long, hard and good.  She was pinned beneath him trapped under his weight, writhing whorishly.  He called her a dirty little bitch and made it clear this was only for His pleasure.  After he was done thoroughly fucking the slave inside, he whipped her ass and thighs with his leather strap.  The tears flowed freely.  He turned her over and used the strap the slave's breasts, pinching and grabbing at them, twisting them hard and making her beg for mercy.  He slapped them and her several times, as she unwittingly begged for more.  He grabbed the magic wand and tormented her with it, until she was undulating and dancing for him in the bed, and orgasming on his command.  Master used his slave until he was finished with her, until he was exhausted and collapsed on the bed beside her.  The slave was by now a mess of emotions and lost in the haze of subspace as Master gathered mouse into his arms and smoothed her hair.  He watched as slowly she returned to him, talking sweetly to her and telling her things she can't recall now.  He wrapped her into his arms and she felt safe.


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