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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Always something happening and nothing going on

Monday night O and I went to bed very late, honestly too late.   Tuesday morning the alarm clock woke me way too early.  I stirred, and opened an eye, blinked several times looked at it with both eyes and groaned.  O had his arm around me, and slid out to begin the day.  Making coffee and posted to my blog.  Then I checked the time and went upstairs to wake O.  Waking O is wonderful way to start the day, for both of us.  While he was in the shower I went downstairs to pour his coffee and start his breakfast. 

While O ate breakfast I amused myself by cleaning out the dishwasher.   I was gathering clothes to be washed when he said he was leaving for work.  I dashed downstairs to kiss him goodbye, and locked the door behind him.  Started the wash...ya I feel your excitement mounting.  Made the beds...

Worked with A for few hours, then did more work (coughs) ok...I played games on facebook.  Then I did my real work.  folded clothes and put them away.  Twitted as a joke about playing games on facebook (ok not entirely a joke) and got a text from O asking if I finished my chores.  After I quickly finished my chores I was back on FB with a clear conscious.  

At around 6 PM I started dinner.  Ya that's exciting.  O walked through the door earlier than expected, so I quickly shut down the computer, and got his drink ready while he showered.  He came down with his hair wet and tussled, wearing his weekend shorts and a tee-shirt, which announces that he really is an "Arrogant Bastard."  Was it wrong to admit that something stirred deep within me when I saw him.  He sat at the table as I fixed his plate and he thanked me.  My eyes just lit up.  Of course that was the last nice thing he said while at the table.  Ok, he did say he liked the drink and wanted another.  Dinner was just, "good."  

I felt like such a wife.  Dinner was "good" nothing more or less.  I went from feeling like a slave to feeling like a wife in about two seconds and to top things off, I knew he'd be snoring in a few hours.  As we settled into the evening this time with me reading a book (The Time Travelers Wife) and he seated at the computer I felt this strange sense of contentment.  So what if my dinner was just "good" I mean really there are worse things he could say about that, never mind the better things he could have also said.  Sometimes things are just "good."

I got over my snit (not that he was aware I was feeling the least bit snitty) and just accepted.  

Acceptance isn't easy.  For me it just isn't natural but I'm finding it much easier to give that control to O and accept things I have no control over.  I treat him like my higher power and that suits me just fine.


  1. mouse, I would definately take dinner was "good". That's the usual from Brad, but from my two kids every night it is "ewww, I hate this". I'm not kidding, every night... well, with the exception of pizza or tacos. It's ok, I don't take it personally. Your day is similar to mine... you are more disciplined than I am in getting things done though. Glad you are happy and settling in. :)

  2. This sounds like most of my days! Though I have more "dinner's good" versus "great" days then you do.;) We should start a recipe sharing blog! *laughs*

  3. Yeah, when Asha tells me that dinner is just "good" it usually means one of two things.... either he's really too tired to care or he's not particularly fond of it, but he can eat it so he's not complaining. So yeah... when he says it's "good" I start to worry. Of course, I suppose it could mean it's just "good", but that would be too simple wouldn't it?

    But I suppose if they eat it and don't complain, then that's... well... good. :-D



  4. Hi ally,

    LOL I've gotten the "eeew I hate this too." Or "what were you thinking." My personal favorite while picking at the place, "Is this really chicken?"


  5. Gray,

    I think you might be onto something.


  6. spirited one,

    Ya...I think the same way. I was doing really well for a while, but the lost my mojo or something



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