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Monday, March 29, 2010

shifting the focus

Over the weekend Omega did it again, he kept me from thinking about what I am and focused on who I serve.  It really began Friday night while I was chatting online with one of my buddies, spirited one.  Yes we create a lot of mischief when we start chatting and O was having none of it that night.  He kept me quiet and engaged in him, listening about his work, his thoughts on many topics, we mostly talked about whatever he decided we should talk about.  

Later he told me that I should take a hot bath upstairs.  So without questioning I did. It felt nice.  I had my eyes closed and heard him come into the bathroom.  He ordered me out of the tub, watched as I washed my face, brushed me teeth and everything else I normally do before bed.  He picked out my nightgown, the long cotton one he likes and turned down the bed.  He undressed and climbed in first, then invited me into the bed with him.  I did.  My heart was pounding in my throat.  He pulled me close and didn't talk but just settled in, closing his eyes.  

We slept good.  In the morning we woke around the same time, and made love.   It was passionate and beautiful.  We showered together, got ready and started the day together.  Certainly different than a normal day.  I found myself drawn to O.   

Throughout the day it was as though we were tethered to each other.  Even as I went about my chores O was watching with that cool expression I have truly grown to love.  That evening Lucy and Schroeder came for dinner and stayed to play hearts.  And stayed.  And stayed.  And stayed.  Several bottles of wine and hands of hearts later they finally left.  O watched as I cleaned up the kitchen, and he let the dog out a final time.  Then he locked the doors, double checked the windows, and set the alarm before shutting off the lights and leading me to our bedroom. 

He locked the door.  Watched as I went through my routine, and he through his own.  He pulled me close, tossed me on the bed and cautioned me not to move.  He used me thoroughly.  I felt thoroughly debased; used.  I was quiet, twitching, lost in a subspace dream.  He waited as he always does for me to return, snuggled me close and later watched me sleep.  When I woke he was still awake and hadn't slept.  I remembered scattered bits and pieces.  Parts of me were bruised and aching.  He swatted my rear (which stung much worse than it should have) and told me to dress and get moving on my duties for the day (week chores too), while he napped for a couple of hours.   

The list was long and kept me busy focused on Omega throughout the day, because it was all done for him and I was lost in my service to him.  I even ran most of the errands.

Today, is the back to the grind day.  I have a couple meetings, and many hours of work with A ahead, followed by my own work, around the house, and my job.  


  1. Mouse: Sounds like you had a very fulfulling weekend that was great for both of you.


  2. mouse, I am glad you had a good weekend. What is it like for you to come out of subspace and not remember things? Just curious... I've not even experienced subspace before.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend... even without the mischief. LOL




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