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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got nothing or maybe just passing the buck...

I really have nothing to blog about this morning.  Last night was very uneventful O got home at the time he was supposed to.  We watched a movie, I went through my evening rituals and we went to bed.  

That's not very exciting and probably not blogworthy! 

Any suggestions on what I should write about?  Leave a comment with a suggestion...I guess I need them...

Around the blog are some great posts done in the last few days...

Greengirl did a soul searching post on punishments...

If punishment talk isn't your thing...try my friend Jz, A Reluctant Bitch might have some interesting reading...

Or for just general lifestyle information head over to Spirited Meanderings.  

Of course if you just want to read for the sake of reading...head over to Moments in Time by Gray...the woman really knows how to weave a tale and leave ya begging for more...

For the Dom's viewpoint....few do it better than A Dominant Character by Sir J.  

Or you can check out the sidebar and find something else that will satisfy that craving.  

I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with a more topical topic.  


  1. would you check out my blog of stories based on my experiences? If so it is at

  2. Oh, man. Don'cha hate when you want to post and all you can come up with is a picture of wheels, spinning?

    I'd offer a suggestion except I'm hoarding all my ideas! ;-) (trust me, I need 'em.)

    Thanks for the nice words, tho'!

  3. OOOOOOOOOO tankee for the mention. Sometimes boring is good. At least there's nothing bad to blog about. :-D

    Hmmm... suggestions... got nothing atm, but if I think of something, I'll let ya know!



  4. mouse,
    hi. i'm new to blogging, but i wanted to say that out of all the blogs that i've looked through and read and started following, i think i love yours the best. there's so much i can relate to whether i realize it or not. i wasn't sure where to write this, so i figured your most recent entry was well enough. i feel like i could sit here and go through every single one of your entries, but that's probably saved for a day when i have a lot of time on my hands. ;)
    that is all. :D


  5. Cruel Daddy Sir -- good luck to you.

    Jz -- Hoarder! LOL And you're welcome

    turiya -- no problem, I really had no clue what to write instead I gave a bunch of shoutouts.

    Belle -- welcome! Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Hugs all of ya,


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