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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I opened this blog a year ago today.  I thought no one would read it.  I mean really, who would care?  I didn't anticipate having over 100 followers.  I didn't expect having loyal readers (Sir J, Gray, turiya just to name few).  I never expected to get emails from people I didn't know thanking me, sometimes directly and sometimes through Omega for something I wrote.

Omega encouraged me to blog.  I didn't write to get comments, though they are always welcomed, I wrote to put the past to bed.  It started really as an experiment, could this help me understand myself better?  The answer was YES.  I did have a much better understanding of myself.  Sometimes I go back and read some of what I've written.  There are few posts I really enjoyed writing.  I'm grateful today to Omega for suggesting that I do this.  

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.  Your support, caring and even the occasional, "what the hell?" means the world to me.  

The weekend began with mouse buying a new vacuum cleaner on Friday.  Omega came home at the appointed time walked through the door and asked where the dog was.  The dog came from upstairs and greeted him.  He asked me if I had given the dog a bath or something.  I said no, I hadn't.  He inhaled sharply and said the house didn't smell so much like dog.   I replied that I got a new vacuum.  "About fucking time mouse." 

And he was right.  I suspected my vacuum from Sears wasn't doing a great job, probably from the day I brought  it home.  Last week, when I took out my little hand held to clean up a small coffee grind spill, I was floored at all the other crap it picked up.  I had just vacuumed earlier that day there was NO way there could be that much crap buried in the carpet.  

Oh but there was.  That and more.  While shopping at the big box place I hate, I walked down the vacuum aisle.  The usual suspects were found.  I settled on a Hoover, lugged it into the cart, and got it.  After putting away the other purchases, I set to work putting it together.  Ok I attached the handle.  It has a sensor that tells you when your carpets are clean.   I'll admit 20 minutes into cleaning the floor, I thought thing the thing was broken.  Then for a moment it read clean...then dirty again...then clean...then dirty...dirty...dirty, then finally clean.  Meanwhile I had emptied the canister 5 times.  Each time it was full and I had only vacuumed around 4 feet of carpet.  

Silly mouse thought her carpets were clean or at least not that dirty.  

A few hours later the carpets actually appeared cleaner. That was amazing and just as embarrassing.  All the heavily ground in dirt areas I thought I'd have to take out the shampooer to clean were clean without it.  

I cooked dinner, did the dishes, tidied up the kitchen and later O and I watched a movie together.  We went to bed kinda early for a Friday night.  Woke early Saturday morning and started out to the farmer's market.  I bought some nice goat cheese, bread, lots of fresh vegetables, and fresh flowers.  Naturally it rained.

We got home relaxed.  Then we played a little in the basement.  We haven't done that for a couple of weeks.  Oh it was fun.  How he manages to get his whole fist up there she will NEVER know.  Subspace came quickly to mouse.  Bliss.  

She woke in his arms, his body surrounding hers like a blanket, protective and she felt very safe.  We made love and she was lost somewhat in a haze. Her brain was very foggy all of Sunday.  It was odd, but even a look from him could send her back. Twice she sat at the computer to do a little work, and twice, she couldn't concentrate.  She gave up trying and instead curled up on the sofa with her head resting on his lap.  Ya she had that need again to crawl inside Omega.   In the evening mouse went through her evening ritual, and eventually curled up beside Omega.  She slept all night and didn't move.  

Today aside from being sore, I'm feeling much more normal.  


  1. Happy Blogiversary Mouse. I can't believe it's been a year since you started it. I enjoy stopping by.

    I bought a new vacuum cleaner on the weekend, my carpets look really clean now :)


  2. Congratulations on one year, your welcome and it's been my pleasure.

  3. Happy One Year mouse!!! We started almost the same time. I am so glad that Omega encouraged you to write, that you've shared with us your wonderful journey. The good and the bad parts along the way. I look forward to hearing more about you and the continuation of the blog. You do inspire all of us. :)

  4. Congrats on your year old blog mouse, and I am so glad you are here. I have a vac. with a dirt sensor too, I love it.

  5. ronnie -- I enjoy writing it and thanks. Its amazing the difference a new vacuum can make.

    J Sir -- Thanks so much...I appreciate you!

    Gray -- I dunno about inspire, but I do enjoy writing about my life and ya that includes the not-so-great things. And ya the blog will continue.

    ally -- Thanks and ya the dirt sensor ROCKS...seriously I never thought it would turn from dirty to clean but now that it does say clean....I just love it. LOL

    Group hug!

  6. Mouse,
    Congrats. It has been an honor that you have shared your thoughts with us.

  7. mouse,

    I may have suggested you start journaling your thoughts, but you put that into action. I am exceedingly proud of you.


  8. I have very bad vacuum cleaner karma myself, so I feel your pain.
    You may need to send me the model...

    Happy Day!

  9. I'm a new reader, but have enjoyed your blog ever since i started reading, and am a recent "follower".

    It seems vacuum woes are running rampant amongst many of us.

    Many congratulations on your blog anniversary....hope it continues to be a positive tool for you....

  10. Ahh, the joy of a clean carpet! Daddy just let me spend a buttload to get a brand new Dyson direct from the company, and I revel in how soft and beautiful my yucky old carpets look when I use the thing!

    Happy anniversary on your blog. Both you and Omega are so inspiring and I am thankful to have found you!

  11. Happy Blogiversary! I'm so glad Omega got you started with this blog cause through it my life has literally been changed. I've been so thankful to both you and Omega the last several months.

    Congrats on the new vacuum too. It's amazing how much of a difference a good vacuum can make, isn't it? I used one like that (with the sensor) in one of the homes where I worked as a nanny... I loved it. I haven't seen any like that out here though. I'd love one... it certainly takes the guesswork out of carpet cleaning.

    Sounds like a nice weekend all up... especially the being turned into subbie goo parts. LOL



  12. I am a brand new reader... just stumbled upon your blog while link hopping =). I love your writing so far and can't wait to read more!

  13. Omega,

    You make me blush


  14. Jz -- Let me know!

    Cilla Noir -- Welcome! I've really enjoyed my first year and see many years of enjoyment to come...

    Green girl -- having readers like you is the real honor.

    LB -- Thank you so much! I enjoy your blog too.

    turiya -- the subbie parts were the best! That and a vacuum that sucks as well as I least that's what O said.

    Princess -- welcome and thank you for reading!

    Thanks for following, being there for me and everything else!


  15. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary Mouse! It is mind-boggling to think of how much has happened in your life during this one year, I feel quite underwhelmed with my own achievements during the same time. (-; It is a privilege to be able to follow some of your journey that you seem to undertake with such thorough earnestness and integrity. Even though I don't share your lifestyle, I still get insights into both myself and people in general on account of you sharing so honestly. Your blog is a regular source of food for thought and gives me opportunity to reflect on things I probably wouldn't otherwise. Also, your beautiful spirit is inspiring, how you, seemingly no matter what difficulty, rally and continue to move forwards. Thank you very much for all of that. You have seemed for some time to be in a happy place, or maybe rather a happy process, and I sincerely wish much more of the same for you. (Sorry if I sound a bit pompous. English being a foreign language, I don't have all that many levels of style at my fingertips. However, I do mean every word.) :-)


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