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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 8: Contained

Mouse was bound, penis gag in her mouth and she sucked on it until her jaw ached.  Her legs spread wide, as various vibes caressed her nether regions, causing her to tremble and shake.  When she felt the plastic speculum enter her, and felt herself being opened she didn't react aside from whorish moans of pleasure.  When she saw the wand, she moaned louder even though somewhere in her mind she knew it would hurt.  It didn't matter, she wanted the pain or whatever he wanted her to have, she'd been days now lost is this fog where pain and pleasure mixed, her mind tormented as her body subjected to violations she could not comprehend. 

The wand flashed, arcing and connecting to the metal probe.  She danced, screaming into the penis gag, and alternately sucking it vigorously.  The body was made to dance, mouse felt herself contract as though giving birth.  The wand was carefully put away, the speculum removed and replaced with himself as he fucked her without any mercy.  The tenderness, the pain of the use, and how open, exposed she felt was too much to bear any longer.  Yet she lingered hanging on between realities.  The twitching, the sharp inhaling, the need all cumulated into orgasm that rattled throughout her body.  Of course at his command. 

Bathed in her own sweat, he released the clamps on her nipples holding her breasts outward and the weight of them caused her whimper. He released her bindings, and helped her into her cage where she goes now after each scene together.  He asked her if she wanted the penis gag, and she nodded.  He obliged her.  Out the corner of her eye she saw him crouch beside the cage, while she curled herself up into a ball, and sucked on the gag.  No other thoughts except the wild rush of ecstasy of everything that's happened not just in those last hours with him, but all week.  No feelings of heat, or cold penetrated her.  At some point she was covered with a blanket.  Her mind went in and out and that was new for her.  The next thing she recalled was being placed in a tub of warm water.  Later still she recalled being placed into bed and still unable to think or speak -- at least in a cognitive way.  She recalled being encouraged to sleep.  Sleep was somewhat elusive or so it felt.  The truth was she drifted in and out.  

This morning she woke and found herself with him again in her mouth, feeling this overwhelming  sense of peace and containment.  As she moves through the morning ritual and routine she finds herself feeling very different than she had when the week began.  Omega chose to perform some morning maintenance on his mouse, making her retrieve the leather strap and kissing it before handing it to him.  She didn't move, or cry as he pummeled her rear with it.  She did however let out a cry when he pushed his fingers between her legs.  He manipulated her in that manual way until she felt the first wave of orgasm.  More waves followed.  If the belt was used further she couldn't tell.   

It's difficult to put into words what these past 7 days have done to mouse.  Omega has assured her that her descent into Wonderland is over.  He assured mouse this morning, today and the weekend will be spent relaxing and quietly mulling over the events of the week.  And enjoying mother's day.  

Happy Mother's Day!  


  1. Happy Mother's day to you too mouse! *hugs*

  2. Mouse - happy mother's day to you - and a peaceful, fulfilling weekend.

  3. What an intense past week for you Mouse! I hope you do have a relaxing weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day.


  4. Happy Mother's Day to you as well Mouse!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! :-D Hope you all have a good weekend.



  6. Happy Mother's Day!


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