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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life with O

After a couple weeks of heavy posts, a break is needed or a change in direction.  For now those confusing thoughts are organized, categorized and put away for another time and place.

Last July when Omega and mouse married, his mother came to the mouse and gave her a bit of advice. The older woman relayed that mouse would be a very smart girl if she kept certain things hidden from her new husband.  Like magazines on health, diet, money...Of course the older woman, who mouse adores, doesn't know about our dynamic and how could she?  The older woman warned if mouse did not, she could very well end up eating cranberries and almonds for a month and nothing else because O read something about it in one of those magazines.  

That type of behavior is impossible for mouse.  In the lifestyle we call it topping from the bottom, however in a married couple, it might be called self preservation.  In this respect the lifestyle won.  The mouse dutifully would collect the mail from the box, and sort it, the way O liked.  Magazines into one pile, bills, etc into others.  Only the truly junk mail gets tossed.  It needs to be said he must get around 30 magazines a month, and not one is Master's Digest.  Roughly 10 of those are medical related, 5 probably have to do with finances, the remaining are work related more or less.  Mouse gets magazines as well, only two.  One on healthy cooking (a gift subscription from O), and another on just about everything else.  She dropped most of the decorating and architecture type magazines she used to get and thinks O was sad to see the one on organizing stopped.  

As mouse started to explain she doesn't hide or throw away those magazines as she was warned to do by the older woman who has known O all his life, and admits she's probably partly to blame for he is.  What mouse does, is bury them somewhat below the work related magazines he receives.  Naturally there is a routine to how he reads his magazines, starting first a look down the table of contents, if nothing catches his eye, he puts the magazine into a pile.  Mouse will call it the bordom pile, because that pile will continue to grow for the month until they are dragged out to the recycling can.  Until that time they reside by his side of the bed, and if he has nothing else to read, he will grab one and give it a second pass.  If he still finds nothing worth delving into, the next morning it will be gone.

If after scanning the magazine he finds an article worth reading, he will mark it (he's forever making notes), and put it on a different pile.  O never reads anything just for fun. 

So, mouse should never be surprised when O comes to her and says..."I've been reading mouse about the medical benefits of daily cold showers and decided that we should start doing this."  For a moment mouse thinks her mother in law was right...those magazines....arrrrgh.  Sir does this, for a month he ate nothing but dark leafy vegetables, which mouse had no problem with except it got boring, then the following month he read something about the benefits of broccoli.  You can see how this went.  

Part of the mouse's brain just shut down at the mention of cold showers, the silent part wanted to way.  The other part of the brain just whined silently.   Of course it's his wish that this be done, and mouse too has read about the health benefits....sighs...and it's better than eating nothing but cranberry and almonds.  All mouse could to do was grit her teeth, smile and say, "Okay Sir."

To top it off they're really not so horrible.  


  1. I think it's entirely possible that Omega may be channeling my father...

  2. Cold showers?!? That's just torture... I would actually be the on in my house who would make everybody eat salads for dinner all the time, and cranberries and almonds are great in them :) I enjoy that kind of thing. Good luck in all future health benefit activities! I hear chocolate has lots of antioxidants :)

  3. today's post just made me giggle a little..thank you.

  4. Keep him away from this website:

    Please. Or else we are all in trouble.

  5. So, are these like freezing ice cold showers, or just slightly colder than luke warm showers? I actually read that rinsing your hair in cold water after a shower is good. It brings out the shine and helps to keep it healthier.

  6. Hugs to you, my friend,

  7. Haaah. This post makes me smile. Sorry about those cold showers, though. Even if they aren't too bad, nothing beats boiling yourself from the outside-in with a nice hot shower.

  8. Hehe, this was cute! Sir is also a very healthy eater, which is honestly a bit of a relief for me, since I come from a house where it's normal to have a 2,000 calorie dinner.

    Now we need to get you a health magazine that has a study on how eating nothing but chocolate for a month will make you live forever.

  9. Yeah, I have a tendency to avoid those types of magazines now. I swear I believe they're the backbone of all those ridiculous Hollywood fad diets and crap that cause people to get more fat and more unhealthy.

    I have a new way of finding info... if I can find at least 5 to 10 sites that give the same or similar information on something (and it's clear they haven't plagiarized off of each other) then I'll decide to do more research on the topic myself. If not, then the info gets tossed from my brain as unreliable.

    Thankfully Asha doesn't read magazines, though, and if he did they'd be gaming magazines. :-D I wouldn't mind some cooking magazines though... the healthy cooking one sounds good. I have a few cookbooks here like that. I should really start making notes of recipes I like and try them. It's hard, though, when you have picky eaters.



  10. This was indeed a light and fun post. :-)

    I don't know about thotally cold showers, but my dad always used to end his warm/hot showers with cold water, often ritualistically voicing his shivers and shudders. I suppose it's good for the circulation. And I think he had maybe 5 colds during his life. He also ate a lot of garlic. (Past tense because he got cancer a couple of years ago, and I guess that no amount of the healthiest showers could have prevented that.) Myself, I can't stand raw garlic, and I much prefer warm showers, where I can get warm to the bone. But then I've gotten a lot more than 5 colds in only half the years my dad reached.

  11. And I thought my husband was rigid, obsessive, and reads too many journals...Wow.

  12. um...mouse?

    uh -- I'm pretty sure that O reads this and your secret plan to bury the magazines is out.

    just sayin'

    good luck --


  13. Honestly when I lived in CA I used to take cold showers and I can say it makes you feel way better than warm/hot showers I take now that I live in AK. Just feels like your blood is rushing all over your body and feel more alive. Yet again that was in Cali I wouldn't tempt that in Alaska. Good luck :)

  14. At least summer is coming!

    And think of the shiny hair you'll have!

  15. could be...he's been known to channel others as well.

    ally...The salad didn't bother me...but it did get really dull...

    hmg...ya it made O chuckle too.

    DT Sir....shhhhhhhhhhh

    Alice....mouse has tried to do freezing cold...and it just doesn't work for her. She starts warm...washes hair, rinses and finishes cold. With cold water it's impossible to get the soap out.

    maryann...thanks for the hugs

    belle...ya...mouse likes a nice hot shower...

    sheeva...find the study and mouse will be sure to forward that one to O. Actually he has been reading about the benefits of dark chocy...mouse can live with that.

    turiya...yup...mouse knows about picky eaters...

    Ms Lennoxx...ya mouse is with you on the raw garlic...O has btdt...decided cooked was fine too.

    gg...ya O all those things's not easy but never dull.

    sfp...ya he noticed it a long time ago (he notices everything). He thought it was just mouse being clever or trying to be. He didn't know it was his mom's fault.

    maria...when mouse lived in cali the thought of cold shower terrified her. does have great benefits to hair...circulation...and other metabolism.

    Thanks for all the comments...



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