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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Perhaps this should be called Blind Faith v. Trust.  My mouse recently has spoken much about trust.  Specifically trusting me.  I expect her trust.  Trust is something more tangible.   Blind faith is something different.  Blind faith is if I should tell my mouse to jump off a building she will do it, trust has little to do with it.   Blind faith would direct her into believing that I had taken precautions to her safety, even when it was clear I had not.

Blind faith does not ask questions, it only does as told.  Trust is about questioning. Yes at times they are not answers you wish to hear, e.g., yes that dress does make your backside look big.  Or that is not an appropriate question.  Blind faith is not something that should ever just be given.  It cannot be earned, even over time.  Trust however is.

I believe both sides of the power exchange forget about the difference and importance of words, especially words such as blind faith and trust.

Having blind faith in a deity is fine, but placing that same blind faith in another human is often misguided.


  1. It is a pleasure to read your thoughts on this and many other subjects. I like the one-word title instead of a number, I think it works well.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Sir. I recently got into a "debate" with someone over the difference between having blind faith and trusting someone, and I had a very difficult time making my point. If it comes up again, I'll know just what to say now.

    Thank you,


  3. turiya,

    I am happy to be of assistance.


  4. Very well put, a very important distinction for life in general.


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