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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life with O Part 2 Thankful Thursday

It's been just over a year since O and the mouse began this journey together.  It's been quite a ride.  Of them all them all the merging of two households was the most difficult.  Deciding and executing it over a single weekend was....crazy.  It was as though we had both gone on long enough without each other and we hurried to the place we both wanted to be.

Last year (one year ago to the very date) mouse wrote a post called The Art of Cohabitation, a little insight to life with O.  The early life.  Since that time the label maker has been hidden and discovered maybe 5 times.  A fancier one with a keypad was purchased, it will spit out a label in any color font he wants.  Not only does he have this deep rooted desire to label things but we now have a color code system to the labeling.  
  • Red means hands off
  • Green means family friendly
  • Blue means property of A (all his files are labeled blue)
  • Maroon is mouse
  • Brown is for the dog (and ya...mouse knows)
  • Yellow is miscellaneous 
  • Tan is kitchen
Naturally there are other colors and labels, but mouse doesn't wish to bore the reader with all of them.  The mouse can look around see O everywhere. His mark is definitely all over this house from his comfortable recliner chair in that black leather mouse can't stand (seriously in the room it looks like a black hole). He must have a table beside his chair.  His things arranged.  The remote control is labeled in red.  We assume that means when he is around.  

The color code system he painstakingly devised has a few flaws.  So does he.  However mouse remains thankful for all the labels and colors Omega has brought into her life.  While she thanks him regularly for nearly everything she can think of, she doesn't thank him nearly enough for that.  Life before O was very dull...and with him has been quite a ride so far.  


  1. Congratulations! Anniversaries are always good times to look back and reflect on all that has gone on. Gives us some perspective.

  2. I'm confused - if there is a color coded system - what do you label things? "remote control" in red - or "hands off" in red to emphasize, or "Omega's"? Still reaffirming my tolerance for my husband.

  3. NDT...Thanks

    gg...LOL The remote is labeled "TV remote" the color represents that its HIS. He labels the cabinets are labeled by where things go.

    Actually we have like 20 remotes and some are kinda similar looking at a actually serves a purpose and if mouse didn't really clarify that he'd be kinda annoyed.


  4. I'm actually considering doing a similar labeling system for Tornado. She seems to have issues with knowing what she can and can't touch. If she learns that anything labeled red is off limits maybe it will start sticking in. Everything I've read said do red for hands off... yellow for ask mom or dad first... and green for go right ahead.

    It can really serve a good purpose as silly as it may seem, I guess. Sometimes it's just necessary. I love the remote labeling thing, though... and the dogs stuff in brown. LOL



  5. turiya..ya there's a method to his madness mouse supposes. Now he feels so validated and not in that OCD way.



  6. A couple of questions popped into my head. If red is "Hands off" and Mouse' color is maroon, did he actually plan that out to mean "Hands off without O's specific permission" or is it just me that saw the inference?

    You DON'T like black leather mouse?

  7. MC Sir...You're absolutely right and very observent. And in regards to the black leather is fine on somethings...just not on furniture in the family room.

    Omega has a wonderful leather sofa in his study and mouse doesn't mind it, because it blends in nicely with the decor in the room.

    Often mouse wishes he would move the chair in there too, but there isn't a lot of room, and mouse doesn't want the couch being moved into another part of the house.



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