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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sir's trying week

Guess it was a good thing our week of hard play ended last week, because this week certainly would have proved impossible to maintain it.  O is very dominant in his character and in all ways, in control.  Some might call him a control freak or type A personality.  They wouldn't be wrong.  He carries at times the weight of the world on his shoulders, and never complains about it.  The maintenance in the morning continues, and now it's more because its when his mood is the lightest, before the weight of the day and the world starts to try to tear him down.  

In the evening hours he remains quiet, introspective, always polite, but at the same time a smoldering fire waiting for a door to open to combine with oxygen and explode.  Yet he doesn't explode, he keeps his emotions under tight control.  During this time, the mouse finds it difficult, as she continues to feel deep neediness and works hard to resist that urge to crawl inside him.  Sir needs her strength, not her neediness.  It's her duty to give him pause when he starts veer off the familiar road in lieu of another darker path.  It's her duty to keep his mood light when he is home.  To not add to his weight already on his shoulders.    

When he enters his home at the end of his day, the mouse can clearly hear the sound of the briefcase hitting the floor, followed by the weary sounds of him walking up the stairs.  Listening carefully for the sound of shower, she waits wondering if she should plate the evening meal or simply wait.  In any event she fixes him a cocktail and places it beside his chair, along with the remote.  In the hallway the briefcase remains, so it too is gathered and brought into his study, carefully placed on his desk.  

Upstairs the sounds of the shower being turned off provides a clue that dinner should be plated, he can decide if it wishes to eat it now or save for later.  He returns fresh from his shower and spends some time talking with A about his day; the conversation is quickly over and he'll take his place at the head of the table and start to eat.  Even if he doesn't like it Sir always thanks his mouse for the effort.  Even if he knows there isn't a lot of effort put into it he still thanks her causing the mouse's heart to swell.  Knowing better than to ask, "how was your day?" she will instead prattle on about happy things.  Music, dinner prep...blonde moments upcoming events...anything to draw out a smile or smirk from him.  

Noticing his empty glass she will wordlessly offer to refill it by attempting to retrieve it.  The movement is done slow with great purpose. He will sometimes allow her to, but other times as last evening, he put his hand over the glass, indicating he was done with drink for the night.  Again without using any words she conveys her message to soothe him.  Sometimes it will go unnoticed by him, an indication that he would like his shoulders or feet rubbed.  Other times again like last evening, he thanks her, kissing softly the back of her hand.  She won't pull her hand from his until he releases it.  

Carefully the evening dishes are washed up, the dishwasher loaded, all done rather quietly as to not disturb Sir.  He will sometimes go into his study to work, or read, or escape, she will sometimes pass by, on purpose and look at him.  Occasionally she is caught, grabbed seemingly by her tail by being asked if there was something she needed.  The mouse's heart pangs, i need you, but audibly says nothing only smiles at him.  Most times however, she slips past him without being noticed.  As long as Sir remains his study she is free to watch what she pleases on TV that night or use the computer in the family room.  

The remains of the evening can go one of two ways...first being that he emerges from his study and sits on the sofa or in his chair.  If his mouse is watching something on TV he will generally let her continue, unless hockey is on.  The other way the evening can go is that he stays in his study working and preparing for the next day.  Eventually he might notice the time, and emerge, telling mouse its time to begin the evening rituals.  Other times, mouse must ask him.  Up the stairs, at the end of the hall, mouse lights candles and slips into the warm water.  As she sits she quietly contemplates the man she loves downstairs in his study.  Wondering if he'll come to bed and pull her close, for just a moment taking away the neediness she feels and hides from him.  

And like that Omega comes into the dark room, closing the door behind him.  He pulls his mouse close, and she can feel him kissing her cheek.  

In those few moments before sleep takes us, the mouse feels contented, safe, warm and yes very loved.  


  1. Atta go girl..
    be there for each other :)
    hope next week is better.

  2. Alujna...

    hope so too. It cannot be worse than today was...

    had the ultimate blond moment and O wasn't amused.


  3. mouse

    sometimes life happens..stress and daily toils. it is not always erotic or exciting but apparently with your Sir it is are both very fortunate to have each other...
    you talk about your Sir in the same way i feel about my Master..this warms my heart.

    His mountain girl.

  4. I hope you have a really good weekend :)

  5. Mouse, such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


  6. You have no idea what it's taking for me to be a good girl right now... *must be a good girl... must be a good girl* Okay... I think naughty thoughts have passed now.

    Hope your Sir's week is better next week and that you can let some of your neediness out again.



  7. There is something beautiful about a man being able to come home after work to a quiet and peaceful home, with a woman strong enough to give him that. It's like a small way to repay to him all that he does.

    I personally hope to work on that. I often want to, but our evenings seem so loud and busy with the kids running around.

    Anyway, it's nice to see that you both respect each others needs.

  8. warms mouse's heart too. Really good or bad it's usually bliss...

    ally...we are...the weekend has been a lot of fun so far!

    ronnie....thank you!


    domestic daisy...Oh it's so not easy tho, mouse does try extra hard when she knows Omega is having an extra bad week. And ya there have been plenty of days in the past where he walks into total chaos. In fact so much chaos is going on, the dog doesn't even notice he's entered the room.



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